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Battle Of Disarm - Crust, Love And Peace

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Battle Of Disarm - Crust, Love And Peace
    • 01 Our Invasion.mp3
    • 02 Cowered State.mp3
    • 03 Disarmament.mp3
    • 04 Take Action.mp3
    • 05 Animal Liberation.mp3
    • 06 Boycott Meat.mp3
    • 07 Where The Peace.mp3
    • 08 Disarm Or Die.mp3
    • 09 War System(Skitslickers Cover).mp3
    • 10 Armed Revolution(Skitslickers Cover).mp3
    • 10 Partipolitik (Totalitar) (Live).mp3
    • 11 In The War.mp3
    • 12 System.mp3
    • 13 Anti Vivisection.mp3
    • 14 For Animals.mp3
    • 15 Dead Vivisecter.mp3
    • 16 Murderer Is Hero.mp3


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    Crust Love And Peace Europe Tour 1997 Live In Slovenija
    Release Date : 1999

    Some copies were pressed on reddish pink vinyl. Most copies were pressed on black vinyl.Came in a fold-over cover with lyrics printed inside in English and Japanese.Recorded live on October 10, 1997 in Slovenija.

    Battle Of Disarm Biography

    Anarchist crust band from Japan, formed in 1989.

    Band members: Yuzi, Acchi, Ryuji Asada, Chikara (5)
    Band ex-members: , Tetsuya (5)

    Battle of Disarm is an anarchist crust punk band from Isigawa, Japan, formed in 1989. Known for its strong political content, their lyrics advocate for animal liberation and Earth liberation. They have refused to release any material on compact disc or online streaming platforms, in protest of capitalism and the technological advances that have swept across Japan, which they believe has lead to worldwide enslavement. Other subject matter which they have focused on includes nuclear disarmament and world hunger.

    They are the forerunning band for the independent distro and record label, D.I.Y. Records, in which they have released most of their albums on. Originally located in Ohara, it was forced to close down for a brief period, for financial reasons, before reopening In 2004 and relocating to Tokyo. The slogan for the record company is "DIY or die," which has been popularized within the punk rock scene.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Malarie Records

    Czech hardcore punk label and fanzine owned and operated by a1860989.