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Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by back2front, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Nov 26, 2009
    :ecouteurs: Apologies if I've put this in the wrong place. I'm new here.

    Anyone interested in the following zines please PM me for details. The zine is 100% non-profit and combines a mixtures of anarchist bands and radical politics. This is a new title but I've been doing zines since the mid 80's and try to create something worth keeping - most of these zines are BIG (over 50 pages) and have full colour covers. The interviews are far more in depth and tend to concentrate on ideas rather than the bass player who left after the first demo tape, the reviews are done by a variety of people with long experience in the scene. There are very few copies of some issues left so first come first served. Distributions please get in touch.

    :ecouteurs: -back2front #5 - Interviews with DOA (30 years on the hardcore legends still at it), The Lobotomies (Anarcho-punk from the streets of Belfast), Norman Nawrocki (ex-Rhythm Activism, anarchist activist and musician whose sex shows have been seen by more than 1 million people!) and Citizen Fish (find out all the latest fishy goings on with Dick Lucas).

    Articles on Unionizing the Sex trade, 2-Tone 30 years on, the rise and fall of Russian Anarchism plus Russian scene report, new comic from Edd (Last Hours zine), anti-capitalist music, columns and reviews.

    :ecouteurs: -back2front #4 - Big piece on the Feeding of the 5000 gig including interviews with Steve Ignorant, Flux of Pink Indians, The Restarts, Zounds, Disrupters and Conflict. The second part of the piece asks the question what is anarcho-punk today, and is it a threat and features replies from all sorts of people from various anarcho discussion boards, bands , zine writers and trouble makers. Also interviews with Anima Mundi and Inner Terrestrials as well as Noam Chomsky and Ian Bone (founder of Class War).

    Also includes a massive, thoroughly researched piece on climate change, new writing by Penny Rimbaud of Crass as well as articles and reviews. Very few copies left.

    :ecouteurs: -back2front #3 - Interviews with Propagandhi, Oi Polloi, Back To the Planet (veterans of the UK Free Festival and Rave scene) and hardcore kids I Object!

    Massive piece documenting the radical history, theory and practice of the animals rights movement. Articles on the Trilateral commission and free trade capitalism, Singapore and Czech scene reports, alternative media, columns and reviews.

    :ecouteurs: -back2front #2 - Interviews with Dutch Anarcho-improvisers The Ex, Vic Bondi (Ex Articles of Faith), BBP Records, Belgian squat punks The Usual Suspects, Peter Singer (the philosopher whose book Animal Liberation was the central influence behind the modern animal rights movement), Chumbawamba (after EMI), Flat Earth Records and Unit (ex-The Apostles).

    Massive piece on the deceit that is Christianity, Fleskwater collective (anarchist rural collective in Ireland), Noam Chomsky on the Israeli/Palestine conflict, the Revolutionary Women of Afghanistan and more.

    :rock: -back2front #1 - Interviews with Subhumans, the mighty Millions of Dead Cops, Psycho Faction and Lost Cherrees.

    Articles on freedom, the philosophy of punk, overpopulation, Anarchist Black Cross, Zapatistas and various short stories and comics. A mixed bag.

    Coming in January 2010 - Internal Autonomy double CD discography in gatefold digipac.