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Anticlimax Leviathan by Ryan Bartek (Revised 2nd Edition) Complete Book 460 Pages

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    Free Download c/o The Author's Permission

    Anticlimax Leviathan (Complete Book) 460 Pages

    Link 1: Anticlimax Leviathan by Ryan Bartek [Complete Book 2018] Revised Second Edition 460 Pages(2).pdf
    Link 2: Anticlimax Leviathan by Ryan Bartek [Complete Book 2018] Revised Second Edition 460 Pages(3).pdf
    Link 3: Anticlimax Leviathan by Ryan Bartek [Complete Book 2018] Revised Second Edition 460 Pages.pdf

    Cover Art: [​IMG]

    Revised 2nd Edition // New Book Out Now

    The Revised Second Edition of Ryan Bartek’s autobiographical memoir “Anticlimax Leviathan” has been released to worldwide distribution. Originally unleashed 11-15-2016, this new Revised Edition is sleeker, stronger and vastly superior to it's earlier release.

    Download the Free 100 Page Preview here: www.mediafire.com/file/9oc3eh7v83kajpu/

    “Anticlimax Leviathan” Book Cover Art: http://www.mediafire.com/file/io3wbyfc1pdydpz/

    Download R. Bartek's Music & Book Collection 100% Free @ BIGSHINYPRISON.COM

    Detroit born writer/musician Ryan Bartek – best known for counterculture road books“The Big Shiny Prison” & “Fortress Europe”– again returns with his finest offering to date: “Anticlimax Leviathan

    Anticlimax Leviathan” is a massive departure from Bartek's previous works & purely autobiographical. Like many of the Great Depression/Beat Generation writers, Bartek shines a spotlight on the alienation, confusion & hopelessness that defines America.

    It is the true story of a strange young man from Detroit. A blue collar worker for the auto industry, our metal/punk Anti-Hero has big dreams. Drifting into journalism, he soon becomes a taxi driver, music promoter & filmmaker before hitting the road as a traveling counterculture journalist.

    Ending up in Seattle a haunted drifter, he finds himself homeless after the Wall Street Crash of 2008 & lustfully embraces the street, re-creating himself as lead in his own bizarre romance novel. Along the way he meets a legion of 'Street Crazies' who unite to form a movement called “FREE THERAPY.” Step by step they build a new world from the ashes of their lives, all which leads to a massive road saga through America & Europe, climaxing with the Occupy protests of 2011.

    Brimming with adventures alongside the misfit characters of his earlier writings – as well as cameos by a staggering list of celebrities, metal gods & punk legends – “Anticlimax Leviathan” is the apex of Bartek’s canon.

    This 460 page, 6x9 Paperback by Anomie Press is available on systems of 38,000+ booksellers worldwide and has additional distribution through Amazon USA, EU & UK.
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