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Anti-Pasti - 1980 - The Last Call

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    Anti-Pasti - 1980 - The Last Call
    • 01. No Government.mp3
    • 02. Brew Your Own.mp3
    • 03. Another Dead Soldier.mp3
    • 04. Call The Army (I'm Alive).mp3
    • 05. City Below.mp3
    • 06. 24 Hours.mp3
    • 07. Night Of The Warcry.mp3
    • 08. Freedom Row.mp3
    • 09. St. George (Gets His Gun).mp3
    • 10. The Last Call.mp3
    • 11. Ain't Got Me.mp3
    • 12. Truth And Justice.mp3
    • 13. Hell.mp3
    • 14. I Wanne Be Your Dog.mp3
    • 15. 1980.mp3
    • 16. Something New.mp3
    • 17. Two Years Too Late.mp3
    • 18. Let Them Free.mp3
    • 19. Hell.mp3
    • 20. Six Guns.mp3
    • 21. Now's The Time.mp3


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    Release Date : 1983

    Anti-Pasti Biography

    Punk band from Derby, Derbyshire, England, UK. Formed in 1979, split in January 1984.

    Band members: Olly Hoon, Dugi Bell, Will Hoon, Kevin Nixon, Martin Roper
    Band ex-members: , Stuart Winfield, Stan Smith (12)

    Founded in 1979 in Derby, England, Anti-Pasti comprised of Martin Roper on vocals, Dugi Bell on guitar and with the addition of Stu Winfield on bass and Stan Smith on drums, released their debut EP, "Four Sore Points", featuring the all time punk rock classic "No Government", on their own Dose record label. They played many gigs in and around Derby and rapidly built up a large following.

    Winfield and Smith were soon replaced by Kev Nixon on drums and Will Hoon on bass before the group signed to Rondelet Records and re-released their "Four Sore Points" EP and the new "Let Them Free" single in January 1981. Later that year, Anti-Pasti released their debut album, "The Last Call". It reached number 1 in the Indie Charts and spent seven weeks in the UK Albums Chart, peaking at No. 31. Their growing profile was confirmed when a third single, "Six Guns", appeared at the end of the year and reached number 1 in the UK Indie Chart, as did the successful joint venture with The Exploited on a 12" single EP, "Don't Let 'Em Grind You Down". Anti-Pasti along with Exploited and Discharge were part of the now legendary Apocalypse Now Tour which toured the UK in 1981.

    Single "East To The West" was released in 1982, which preceded the final Anti-Pasti album and single, both titled "Caution In The Wind", which featured Will Hoon's brother Ollie on guitar. A self-titled singles retrospective surfaced a year later, but the group split in 1983 following the departure of Roper. There was a reunion in 1995, leading to mini-tours of the UK and Germany.

    Anti-Pasti's 2012 line up consists of Martin Roper, Kev Nixon, Olli Hoon & Ben Hanson, three of the original five members.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Rondelet Music & Records


    Special Duties

    Chaotic Dischord

    The Expelled

    External Menace

    The Ejected