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Anarcho-Punk zine: PunkWay. Let’s make our magazine international!

Discussion in 'D.I.Y. - Creative section' started by Mihanick, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Mihanick

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    Feb 18, 2011
    Let’s make our magazine international!
    Please, send your articles, thoughts, pictures, photos, comics, music, ideas, poems (preferably in English or Russian) to the email address: [email protected]

    Let’s tune up joint creativity and skill-sharing without any borders!

    Released Russian Anarcho-Punk zine: PunkWay #5, winter 2011 (+english version)
    Download: PunkWay zine #5

    1. Introduction
    2. NEWS

    3. [Analyze It!]
    4. [It’s always the lack of time.]
    5. [About The Fight Against The Invisible Enemy]
    6. [What to do if… and afterwards]

    [Ideas] The Theory
    7. Revolution?!
    8. Open relationship
    9. Science and Anarchy
    10.This is Street Art
    11. Sport for the Vegetarians
    12. Different (Un)Necessities
    13. Songs

    [Action] Events
    14. Punk Movements in different countries. Slovenia.
    15. My way to anarchy.
    16. Punk rock yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    17. Report about the anarchic concert
    18. The report about the wall painting.
    19. The Report from the seminar “Satire and humor against the fascism”
    20. Kitchen dialogs or some facts about the movement in Germany
    21. Inflorescence and rally of the soviet communards.
    22. We Recommend It!

    English Version
    23. Briefly in English

    Download: PunkWay zine #5

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