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Anarcho-Punk scene in Japan

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by Anarchowithoutcapitalism, Feb 8, 2019.

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    This summary is taken from the description of the video:

    "Punks in Japan are outsiders not only by appearance but in their anarchistic opposition to authority and the state. Punk for them is a way of life with its own belief system as well as musical tastes. As has characterised every notable subculture over the years. In UP YOURS! TOKYO PUNK& JAPANARCHY TODAY this sense of subculture is still as strong and defiant as ever. As much a culture of opposition to commerciality as it is to mainstream society."

    (I should note despite the common misconception commercialism is not Capitalist. You can have commercialism and be a market socialist see Proudhon or Tucker for example. What makes something Capitalist is not commercialism or competitive markets or profit but Capitalist profit through bosses extracting surplus value from their workers. Surplus Value is the money that would have been the worker's if they were paid the full value of their labor using the labor theory of value. Hence co-op businesses, self employed businesses, and companies where employers pay their employees the full value of their labor are market socialist. For more info please see: Capital Vol. 1 by Marx)

    Up Yours! Tokyo Punk and Japanarchy