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Anarcho-Punk.net - community charter and points of unity

Discussion in 'INFORMATION' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, May 24, 2017.

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    This collaborative text was written in 2009 by the members involved in the forum to define what this community stands for. Since then, it is the official community charter on which is based our self-management direct democracy system.


    ANARCHO-PUNK.NET is an international and multilingual community made BY anarcho-punks FOR anarcho-punks where you can download thousands of complete high-quality albums of anarcho-punk bands! Our main objective is to make this music widely available and more easily accessible for everyone, while providing the community the necessary organisational tools for anarchists and punks from all over the world to group together and discuss their interests and projects. We believe that the internet is a great way to spread this form of music in the true spirit of do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) and we want to use it at it's full potential.

    ANARCHO-PUNK.NET offers a wide variety of music - we are not only limited to Punk. We share any bands that fit within the site's general principles and, of course, we also share different kinds of music genres. You will not only find Punk music here, there is also various other music genres, starting from Oi! and Ska to Hardcore, Grindcore and Metal.

    This site is not only a place to download music, this is also a great way to meet people who have similar musical tastes and probably share the same ideas as you. Think of it as a sort of anarcho-punk federation making it easier to meet new people and organize together with other anarcho-punks from all over the world while having all your favorite music at the same place!

    Our goal is to HELP the bands, not to be a nuisance to them. Therefore, if you are part of a band or a label and you are unhappy that your music is being shared here, you can send us a request to get it removed from the site following the procedure described on the website.

    We also target on the global level: this is why the website is available in a few different languages and there are various regional forums for punks and anarchists from all around the world.
    We also welcome redskins and anarcho-skinheads to join us since anarchist music is not only limited to the punk community (and we've already published a couple of skinhead bands!)



    Our community is built and based on the ideas and basis of anarchism, but we are not dogmatic elitists and our community is not exclusively limited to anarchist thinkers. We welcome anybody sharing the same interests as us: music and politics. Even if you are just curious you are welcome to join us.

    However, our tolerance has some limit and we refuse to let fascists or capitalists reappropriate our community. The website is a TOOL for people wanting to organize, and is NOT a free tribune nor a place for useless ideological wars between people and their different converging ideas.

    Please understand that by distributing music we choose to take responsibility for the content of the lyrics and that we refuse to spread those that contradict our basic ideologies - those that inspired the creation of this website. Also understand that by claiming to be anarchist this site has to keep a minimum of coherence between words and action. This site is a sort of a federation of bands and people sharing similar interests - and NOT a battleground for political opponents. This is not a place to publish absolutely anything (there is already tons of other places to do this), we want to make sure that when you see a band here you like you can be sure that others in the list are issued from similar scenes.

    We will not distribute the propaganda of the ones targeted by our main political activities, it's as simple as that.

    Having been agreed upon by the forum the following language is added to this charter:

    We run a safer space. This means no racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist or triggering language as an insult or remark is acceptable, as well as offensive images. We do this to prevent triggering or offending oppressed or minority groups, and to promote a positive atmosphere for all people to socialize, discuss and comment in.

    Racist language is defined as: any language that is specific to a person's race, and is or was used in a derogatory manner, for example “Ni*ger, kike, wog, paki, chink, beaner” etc.

    Sexist language is defined as: any language that is specific to a person's physical sex or gender identity, that is or was used in a derogatory manner, for example “Bitch, cunt, slut*, whore” etc
    Transphobic language is defined as: any language that is derogatory to wards trans* people, for example “Tranny, he-she, shemale”. This also includes deliberate mis-gendering, IE, if after someone's gender identity has been established they continue to use the wrong pronouns as a way of devaluing or insulting someone.

    Homophobic language is defined as: any language that is or was derogatory towards someone based on their sexual orientation. For example, “faggot, queer*, cocksucker, butthurt*” etc. The word “gay” can sometimes be used to describe something in a negative way, this isn't acceptable either.

    Ableist language is defined as: any language that is or was derogatory towards someone based on their physical or mental abilities. For example: “Retard, idiot, psycho, spaz..” etc.

    We do not tolerate calls for mass death/mass murder of innocent people. Examples for this might be "We need a second Holocaust" or "People with disabilities should be left to die". This does not include sarcastic slogans against our oppressors, like "Eat the rich" or "The only good fascist is a dead one”.

    Triggering language is defined as: any language that can trigger survivors of abuse. This includes words and phrases relating to rape, sexual assault, child abuse and so on, but this is highly dependent on context.

    Offensive images include: Pornography, gore, depictions of rape or sexual violence, any images that contain offensive language as described above.

    Some words can be appropriated by they groups they were originally used to target. In this case it is very important to establish the context in which they are used. It's the difference between “you're a fucking queer” and “do you identify as queer?”.

    The words themselves are not banned, it is how they are used that is important. Talking about rape is different to insensitive or insulting phrases that use rape. Saying “rape is a problem that still exists in our circles” is different to saying “I'm going to rape you”. “Ni*ger is a racist term for black people” is different to “you are a fucking ni*ger”. Use your common sense..

    Trigger warnings should be used when posting potentially difficult topics, such as sexual violence, misogyny, transphobia etc. Just say “Trigger warning:” or “TW:”, then what it is you're warning about. For example, "trigger warning: transphobia”.

    We understand that there are no truly ‘safe spaces’ but we are committed to following and enforcing our safer space policy to make Anarcho-Punk.Net as safe and open to all as possible.


    Without entering into detail, we can define ourselves as being united behind the banner of the following 4 converging points. You will find a large variety of ideas here, but they all share the same common ideals, and this is why we are stressing on these points of unification.

    3.1) ANTI-CAPITALISM -- This project is issued from the underground movement: we are strong believers in anti-capitalism.This is not the place to publish commercial bands having no common ideals with the rest of the bands present on the site. The project is part of the D.I.Y. community, we do not support commercial / capitalist projects and this is not the place to advertise your eBay albums for sale or your high-priced shitty music. We believe in music for social change, not profit. Promotion of the music business will not be tolerated (D.I.Y. distros and non-capitalist labels are welcome).
    Capitalism is not a idea we recognize ourselves as part of (specially not anarcho-capitalism, or it's various disguises, free market capitalism, and american libertarianism). We demand that you understand that anarcho-capitalism is NOT one of our unification points, so for the sake of productivity please keep this debate for another forum.

    3.2) ANTI-FASCISM -- We are radically against fascism of all kinds. Provocation from nazis, fascists, racists, sexists, xenophobic or homophobic people will not be tolerated here, of course. Like Oi Polloi says, "We are peaceful peoples, but not when it comes down to fascism".
    We do not support R.A.C. music and demand members of the site to not promote this kind of music here.

    This is a radically anti-fascist community. Just like all of our anarchist comrades from the past revolutions, from Spanish revolution and Ukraine's Makhnovtchina to the Zapatistas, Anarcho-punk.net follows the general consensus of the anarchist community and doesn't recognize hate speech as "free speech" and our tolerance ends where hate begins. We understand some peoples might disagree with us, but as stated previously, please center the debates of this forum on what unites us instead of what divides us in order to make productive debates out of this community.
    Therefore, Anarcho-punk.net is neither a forum where our enemies can express themselves, neither a place to make apologism of freedom of speech in a post-revolutionary society for those we are fighting against. Also remember that this community is an ORGANISATIONAL TOOL for people sharing the common points of unity, and not a free tribune for counter-productive confrontation of opposed ideologies.
    Bash the fash!

    3.3) ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN -- Following the true spirit of anarchism, we are strongly anti-authoritarian thinkers inspired by the first anarchist philosophers. We insist on the opposition of authoritarianism in all it's forms.
    Note that opposition to authoritarian communism is included in our anti-authoritarian ideas, we want to make it clear that we will not let this place become a propaganda tool for authoritarians.

    3.4) STATELESSNESS AND GLOBAL UNITY -- Another point we insist on is global unity: anarchists deny the mainstream principles of borders and nations, so we are radically against all kinds of nationalism and state patriotism. We don't recognize ourselves as having nationally based values, so please understand this is not the place to write if you claim to represent these kind of ideas.

    Please also understand that ANY kind of religion is NOT part of our points of unity.



    MODERATION: Anarchism meaning order without power - the forum is horizontally structured so all of the moderation decisions are coming from the bottom. There is an "Assembly" forum where members can democratically make decisions concerning the management of the forums and changes to be made on the website.
    A collective of moderators is needed to execute the moderation tasks (messages cleanup, albums listing management, ban of spammers and fascists, etc...). The moderation actions are limited to what is declared in this document, and is revisable by the community at any time. Moderators are democratically elected and retrograded by the community and are here only for technical tasks: all of the decisions are taken by the community in the form of Direct Democracy.
    There is a moderation & self-management forum to keep a track of the moderation access. All members with at least 100 posts automatically gain access to this forum and are able to participate to the moderation of the forum and debate about actions that needs to be taken.

    DEBATES: In all debates, please always pay attention to mutual respect and stay polite while avoiding personal attacks. Fighting each other will lead us nowhere.
    Like everywhere else, keep spam and SMS style language out of the forum and try to stay on-topic and pertinent in your replies.



    5.1) DOWNLOADS

    ANARCHO-PUNK.NET is just like Google: we are an index, not a host. The files we link here can be found using google's search engine: nothing is hosted on our website. The responsibility to check whether you have the legal right to distribute an album or not is the sole responsibility of the uploader. We do not moderate downloads unless a complaint is received. Most of the time we do not even have control of the uploaded file and we are not able to delete the file.

    However, if you are part of a band, a label, or a intellectual propriety enforcement group, please contact us while giving us the required information to identify you and your material, and within 48 hours maximum we will remove the concerned link(s) to download the material on ANARCHO-PUNK.NET.


    The content of the discussions and the opinions expressed are the sole responsibility of the posters and ANARCHO-PUNK.NET refuses to endorse any comments left on this website by it's participant posters. The moderation staff do not control website members, it is the responsibility of all other members as a community to verify if others are breaking any laws by subscribing to this website or using it.


    ANARCHO-PUNK.NET is a project launched and supported by a group of anarchist activists from canada and europe who are also behind a few other well known projects that have been active since a long time. The website is part of "Resistance Network", an online network of anarchist communities for activists and punks/skins. ANARCHO-PUNK.NET's team is also behind the world's two biggest french punk/oi! music distribution forums offering thousands of albums, and are also the biggest and oldest french-speaking anti-capitalist forums online. We have strong long-term radical ideas and also the technical knowledge to make this project become as notorious as our others are in the anarchist community, and more importantly to make it last a long time!
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