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Anarcho / Peace Punk Fest in Berekeley

Discussion in 'North America & Pacific Region' started by oceanyoga, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Oct 15, 2009
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    Mission Statement -
    FIGHT WARS NOT WARS! A lot of us know exactly who said this statement, and how relevant
    it still is today. Punk music has inspired thousands of people all over the world, bringing forth
    educators, artists, activists, and many other amazing people. Punk culture goes beyond
    music, it taps into a community of people who want to invest themselves in human rights,
    animal rights, and more. The “Peace Punk Fest” wants to revive the spirit, the lives, and the
    joy of people who have been a part of this community. Through fests/ events like the “Peace
    Punk Fest” we hope to inspire people to become more involved and to begin to more
    effectively organize, network, make friends, and have fun while gaining educational material
    and deeper insight. Through this event we can bridge Northern and Southern California punk
    and or activists. During our current political climate, we can see how punk is more so needed
    now than ever. The punk scene is an ever-growing community and movement, and through
    this event we hope it will gain more momentum. Punk is still a movement and a movement of
    social change!


    Resist and Exist

    Dead Tribe



    Jason Oliver

    Standard Issue

    Kitty Jones from Berkeley Animal Rights Center

    D.I.Y Feminist Punk Rock Fashion Show by Audey Thunders Clothing

    DJ Ajitator (spining anarcho tunes)

    MC by Mardhavi

    More bands and speakers to be announced....
    Event page- PEACE PUNK FEST

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