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Ak47 - Gdje Umire Autoritet, Rađa Se Sloboda - 1998 (Croatia)

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    Track List:

    01. Crno Crvene Brigade
    02. Zavjera
    03. Viječna Borba
    04. O Sestrama Brate
    05. Barikade
    06. Realnost
    07. HRT
    08. Akcija
    09. Milijuni Godišnje
    10. Mc Donalds
    11. Profiti
    12. Teroristi

    AK47 - legendary croatian anarcho-crust punk band!

    Ak47 Biography

    #1 AK47 - legendary croatian anarcho-crust punk band!

    #2 AK-47 - Communist Hardcore Punk Rock band of Victoria, Canada.

    #3 AK47 (the Houston, Texas, USA band) - Having been given a link to the site, and being the ex-lead guitarist of AK-47, and person who wrote the music for "The Badge Means You Suck", it only seemed fitting that I should write up a brief bio of the Band. AK-47 was formed in 1979 during the hay-day of the Punk Movement in Houston, Texas. While the band went through many personnel changes over the years of its existence, 1979-1986, the two mainstays were Harry Leverette (aka Raton Pi) and Stewart Cannon (aka Neutron Stew), who were old college buddies from Louisiana. At the time of the original recording of "The Badge", they were joined by Jim Crane on bass, Tim Phlegm on vocals, and Sleepy on drums (so-named because of his affinity for downers).

    The original release of "The Badge" provoked a lot of controversy at the time, being a play on words for "The Badge Means You Care" slogan the Houston Police Department was using at the time. It has probably endured, though, as much for its driving guitar line as the content of the lyrics. The song was essentially recorded as a "Live" two-track recording in order to keep a raw sound and feel to the music.

    Harry and Stewart have been involved with other musical adventures in the Houston area over the years, and some news surprises may be in store...stay tuned!

    #4 Russian Hip Hop band producing Abstract Hip Hop instrumental beats. Correct name for this one should be АК47.

    #5 AK47 Mexican Hardcore Punk/Crossover Thrash Metal band!

    #6 AK-47 Chinese Metal Punk band. (2000-Present)

    #7 Ak47, a Chilean pop-punk, emo rock band.

    #8 AK47 (or AK-47, AK//47, AK??47) is a Political Grindcore band from Semarang, Indonesia.

    #9 AK47, a rap producer from the 951.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.



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