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INFⒶDⒺL...CALLING ALL ANARCHIST!!! APR.4th SJ CA ROCK SHOP. [by anarcho_ramone @ 31-03-2015]


0 reply - last post by anarcho_ramone @ 31-03-2015 22:21
 ex-teenage rebel..
ex-teenage rebel [by Irene @ 31-03-2015]

Iâm pretty sure that the Subhumans wrote that song âex-teenage rebelâ as a cautionary tale just for me, so Iâm probably neither hardcore nor youthful enough for this joint, but here I am anyhow. Irene isnât my name, but (...)

0 reply - last post by Irene @ 31-03-2015 07:04
 Wanna be on a compilation..
Wanna be on a compilation-tape? [by Veganarchy @ 29-03-2015]

Okay, here we go: I just discovered a stack of mis-ordered tapes in my secret vault...way too long for a &quot;normal&quot; release, but perfect for a compilation! That got me thinking...Why not make a compilation of bands from (...)

0 reply - last post by Veganarchy @ 29-03-2015 16:28
 Oi! Oi!..
Oi! Oi! [by fuck|off|and|die @ 27-03-2015]

salut camarade anarcho!. je vie du Québec au Canada. hello friend. I from Canada (...)

2 replies - last post by Havran @ 27-03-2015 22:21
 Anarchy Literature..
Anarchy Literature [by IamMe @ 25-03-2015]

hi, im wondering if any one can turn me on to any good books about the wonderfully complex subject of anarchy. i've recently been introduced to two good books by a very good friend of mine. the first one which i hadn't picked up i (...)

0 reply - last post by IamMe @ 25-03-2015 22:15
 Chat not working ?..
Chat not working ? [by ungovernable @ 25-03-2015]

Anyone else having problem with the chat ? We just upgraded the server a few days ago because sometimes it was slow, and i think something broke up in the chat. (...)

2 replies - last post by ungovernable @ 26-03-2015 05:26
 east punk memories..
east punk memories [by discrass @ 22-03-2015]

Hi, I am looking for the punk documentary &quot;east punk memories&quot; on streaming and if it´s possible with english subs if someone could help me it would be nice! (...)

0 reply - last post by discrass @ 22-03-2015 09:56
 Saw friend being abused....
Saw friend being abused... [by nodogs_nomasters @ 21-03-2015]

This is a pretty heavy story. If descriptions of physical abuse bother you, maybe skip this one. Fucking lord. I just had the most chaotic, horrible night I've had in a very, very long time. I really need to vent it out, I do (...)

2 replies - last post by nodogs_nomasters @ 22-03-2015 20:21
 Makach - German tour apri..
Makach - German tour april 2015 (need help!) [by Tof @ 19-03-2015]

Hey, we're trying to book a tour for april/may for Makach (mixed diy punk rock and anarchist band from lille, north of france) and we have a lot of difficulties on two dates: saturday, april, 25th and wednesday, april 29th. If you (...)

0 reply - last post by Tof @ 19-03-2015 15:28
 Hi from Italy..
Hi from Italy [by skrupuzz @ 17-03-2015]

Hi, im a 17 years old polish student, I live in Italy over 10 years and since i was 14 i fight with the capitalist-education system. Sorry for my english, I have only 3 hours of english at school (...)

2 replies - last post by nodogs_nomasters @ 22-03-2015 16:25

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 Re: Hi! I'm Rola Voadora
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 Hi! I'm Rola Voadora
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 Brazil, 15th day of March
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