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 Hello from Philly, PA..
Hello from Philly, PA [by ZachoMax @ 23-09-2014]

Hey everyone, Greetings from the former murder capital of the world. Thankfully we have a decent punk AND activist scene. So, hows everyone doing today? (...)

0 reply - last post by ZachoMax @ 23-09-2014 20:52
mexico??? [by discrass @ 22-09-2014]

Hi everybody, my girlfriend and I are planning to go to Mexico this winter (we are from Berlin... and it s fucking cold here!) and I would like to know at first from where to find cheap flight because everything I saw is fucking e (...)

2 replies - last post by discrass @ 23-09-2014 09:58
 Hello from Lou. KY..
Hello from Lou. KY [by Galila_ @ 22-09-2014]

Hey chums! Call me Galila. I'm an eighteen year old female from Kentucky. I'm just on here to browse and make some friends, hopefully... In Louisville, theres nothing but hipsters and coffeeshops everywhere-- or there is some un (...)

1 reply - last post by RememberGlencoe @ 23-09-2014 18:16
 Clip : Vizcacha rebelde -..
Clip : Vizcacha rebelde - Cybermen [by miguel @ 21-09-2014]

[video:3ajx3mcz]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pSbP0B-fS0[/video:3ajx3mcz] (...)

0 reply - last post by miguel @ 21-09-2014 12:46
 Howdy All!..
Howdy All! [by bubblethegumkid @ 20-09-2014]

[color=#FF0080:1p3y7xfz]My name is Casey and I am a 27 year old woman from Missouri in the United States. I'm a music junkie and enjoy music of all genres !! Been listening to music of all kinds since I was 6 and have a passion fo (...)

4 replies - last post by bubblethegumkid @ 22-09-2014 09:21
 Napalm Fest III. May 17th..
Napalm Fest III. May 17th. 2015. Hemdale, Suffering Mind... [by andy260 @ 18-09-2014]

Napalm Fest III Fort Wayne, IN May 17th, 2015 Venue TBA. Will be All Ages. [img:2ckelz8b]https&#58;//fbcdn-sphotos-c-a&#46;akamaihd&#46;net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1&#46;0-9/10485057_10203758465256834_3806992500921946089_n&#46;jpg?oh (...)

0 reply - last post by andy260 @ 18-09-2014 22:19
 Anarchist Library..
Anarchist Library [by DeadChannel @ 18-09-2014]

Recently, I've been trying to read as much on anarchy as possible, in order to properly understand it as a political theory. It seems like it would be a good idea to open up a section contain books relating to anarchy (fiction or (...)

4 replies - last post by NoGodsNoMasters38 @ 20-09-2014 00:25
 (Audio) Pinksterlanddagen..
(Audio) Pinksterlanddagen Camp 2014 [by Data @ 18-09-2014]

Dear all, We would like to present you this interview we made in the end of August 2014 on the 80th anniversary of the Pinksterlanddagen Camp, an anarchist camp in the Netherlands that has taken place each year since the 1930s. (...)

0 reply - last post by Data @ 18-09-2014 17:17
 (Audio) CrimethInc on Ana..
(Audio) CrimethInc on Anarchism and Global Revolts [by Data @ 18-09-2014]

Dear all, The following is an audio documentation of a CrimethInc presentation. This event took place in Berlin in April 17 of this year as part of the »Letâs make Anarchism a threat again. Anarchism and the New Global Revolts (...)

0 reply - last post by Data @ 18-09-2014 17:14
 New Oi Polloi d-beat trac..
New Oi Polloi d-beat track!! [by OiBoy81 @ 17-09-2014]

OK, here's a new OI POLLOI track recorded especially for tomorrow's referendum on Scottish Independence. It's from the same session when the new Oi Polloi LP was recorded in Finland last month. Play loud! [url=https&#58;//www&#46 (...)

1 reply - last post by RememberGlencoe @ 18-09-2014 12:58

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 Re: Hello from Lou. KY
 Re: mexico???
 Re: mexico???
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 Re: Howdy All!
 Hello from Lou. KY
 Re: What really pisses you off?
 Re: Confess your consumerist ways...
 Re: What really pisses you off?
 Re: What really pisses you off?
 Re: Howdy All!
 Re: Howdy All!
 Re: Howdy All!
 Re: Help with Oi!?
 Howdy All!
 Re: Hello from GA USA
 Re: RHYTHM-ITES - Integration (Bluurg Records, 1989)
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 Re: What really pisses you off?
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 Re: Anarchist Library
 Anarchist Library
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 Re: Solar Flare Records updates (Noise, Metal, Hardcore)
 Re: How is your scene doing? Mine's deader than shit. (NJ)
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 Re: What really pisses you off?
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 New Oi Polloi d-beat track!!
 Re: Movies with anti-authoritarian/anarchist themes
 Re: Do you use GNU/Linux?
 Re: Movies with anti-authoritarian/anarchist themes
 Re: What really pisses you off?
 Re: Confess your consumerist ways...
 Re: Confess your consumerist ways...
 Re: What really pisses you off?
 Re: Movies with anti-authoritarian/anarchist themes
 Re: School System
 Re: Confess your consumerist ways...
 Re: What really pisses you off?
 Re: Computer Science books
 Re: Children with special needs in anarchism?
 Re: aspiring punk filmmaker -- canadian
 Re: aspiring punk filmmaker -- canadian
 Re: Movies with anti-authoritarian/anarchist themes
 Re: aspiring punk filmmaker -- canadian
 Re: aspiring punk filmmaker -- canadian

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 Fickfelher - Frohe Oistern (EP)..
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 Stopcox - Against it - 2007 (Germany)..
 Divided - Death Punch Means Cadaver..
 Proletariat Punch - Roar of Attrition - 2014 ..
 Die Wrecked (UK) / Krass Kepala (Indonesia) -..
 Ratos De Porão - Século Sinistro - 2014 (Br..
 Room 101 / Stopcox - split ep - You fucking ..
 The New Husseins - Extinction Train - 2012 (..

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