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Zeru ta Lur - Rivages (Strands) - 2011 (Euskal Herri Zabalak)

Discussion in 'Non-punk anarchist music' started by Zuhurbelea, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Mar 27, 2012


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    Track List:

    01 - Polarité, NO alcohol music (Polarity)
    02 - Attracteur Limite, NO alcohol music (Limit Attractor)
    03 - Tyran, NO alcohol music (Tyrant) : dedicated to the Lybians

    Hi !

    Strands : Discovery of new openings after a long pain or a long doubt.

    NO alcohol music : NO alcohol music expansion records ask sincere listeners to stand sober (or to sit sober, or dance sober or else) and to let any alcoholic product away from the listening place and of the disc in itself (if some sincere listeners want to make a CD)... and they ask hypocrit listeners to stay away from this music. If you're drunk and you have a need for regular rythm : please eat something before listening. Thanx for you :-D

    Special exceptions :
    some other listeners are ideally excluded from ZtL's sympathy & friendly possible contact. Excluded listeners from wish : nazis, satanists, pedophiliacs, necrophiliacs, animalphiliacs, machistos, (football players are welcome ; football exclusive watchers are suspect : no, I joke :p ), enslavers, racists (N° 3 means "Thousand Colors"), segregationists, those who want to influence you changing your religion if you have some, and any who does not shelter the weak or causes free disorder (disorder with no sense), and all ones who ask for a percentage more money when they are given an amount back 8-|
    Believers of the Saint Media, or fashion victims are also expected at another shrinker's.


    Zeru ta Lur : "Sky" ; "Earth".

    Explanation of the title :
    If you ask a Basque what is above & what is below, the answer is "zeru ta lurrak" (grouped-plural). If you ask what are the words to tell it, one possible answer is simply the band's name.

    Explanation about ZtL's work :
    Here in Pyreneas and other places in western Europe, we are numerous to stay nostalgic about the sound of Joy Division. We are fewer to be very nostalgic, and to get bored with the average bands.

    ZtL want to follow the precise line opened when Martin Hannett mixed the strange instrumental "As You Said", which effect lingers through the years. Consequently the ZtL's stuff sounds a little like Joy Division's 1980 short period when "Heart & Soul", "Ceremony" or "In A Lonely Place" emerged. No vocal, and another (ultra-minimalist) research than in New Order's "Movement". The goal is to explore, it is either curiosity and the (initially personal) wish to extend CD collections of Joy Division's discs, and in a more Martin Zero-like mood, that's all simple.

    Tools used are really elementary, and this version of the LP still has to be worked on.

    The exigence of this work is to keep closer than ever from the very core of cold wave : aridity, minerality, absolute zero. Martin Hannett's influence is permanent : big obsessive rythms. Let's tag cold core and see what happens. Some tracks are power cold, which is a common feature with Zuhurbelea (ZtL's founder in solo) and with Dominance Delta (another Joy Division 2 in a slightly more Dead Can Dance mood)

    ZtL can be described as a non-melomanesque fewly melodic krautcold, afterpunk, psychanalytic music with usually just drums, some waves, and rare distorsions, at times proto-industrial. Concessions to modern techno are automatically refused during the creation process : just expect one micron of modern 90 to 10 influence ;-)

    Last thing : one day there'll be a bass playing, if a sufficient amount of listeners have had a big st vitus pogo dance in the streets, in front of the Parliament(s) !

    * Special note : Zeru ta Lur want to make an action.

    Please let us organise to :

    - get parallel ways of communication (internet can easilly get off, even if we want to believe in its obviousness)
    - gather information about how to survive efficiently with no modern tools at all (just in case)
    - " " " " ... about how to involve daily sustainability of our ressource using
    - make a vast net of teams on the real ground, feminine teams to visit discretely their neighbourhoods in an official purpose (for instance books-selling) but indeed watch over signs of gender violence or child abuse, and who can gather skills to help fully in such situations
    - gather information about current estatic systems and their parts ant members
    - gather information about the richnesses' global herarchic (& financial) pyramid, and what they plan
    - gather information in emergency about now emerging nano-technologies, private and (para-)military
    - gather economical information for pronostics and anticipations about future possibilities
    - gather information about how to create an independent media

    If all ones make wikis the clearest and the proved-est possible, we can post these informations on the most numerous sites possibles. For instance sharing infos in groups, blogs and so on. It can be directly useful, and it can help having effective fruits from the titanic amount of upside down threads widespread everywhere else, the most often with numerous affirmations and so few or weak proofs - if not zero proof.

    We must use the web instead of consume it (just because someone uses us this way)

    Informations gathering, organising and sharing should be immediately followed by teams gathering, and peaceful planings for efficient, friendly and anticapitalist-antimachist-antiracist irreversible action.
    If we can't reach with our modern tools, this would tell long about our sincerity



    P S : if someone needs an immediate income and has the opportunity, all right for selling some CD home-made from this demo EP. Just contact me at N.A.M.E. records' site on skyrock.com for the artwork ;-)

    Zeru ta Lur Biography

    Zeru ta Lur, aka « Sky, Earth », pronounced Cerue ta Loorr as well as Cerü ta Lürr, depending on which Basque dialect may be chosen in reference, is an instrumental project of (French) cold wave, minimalist, proto-industrial but neo-romantic, opened in 2011 by Zuhurbelea, civilian name Bertrand ESCAFFRE.

    The purpose of this hommage band is to pursuit the exploration begun in 1980 by Joy Division & Martin Hannett when these artists produced the strange experiences titled In A Lonely Place, Ceremony, Heart and Soul, Procession, Denial et As You Said.

    The majoritary influence is therefore Joy Division with a krautrock tendency which characterised the « old school » cold wave, the mancunian one at Factory's.

    While early Cocteau Twins or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry had a hitting similarity with their Scottish neighbours on the point of view of guitar and bass, Zeru ta Lur rather share with Joy Division the heavy, disframed and tense rythmical structure, as well as the psychanalytic oddity of the ambiences. We are then not about rock anymore, but rather on a kind of monolithic elabored and impersonal minimalist, definitely instrumental. Concerning occasional similarities, it could be possible to detect unexpected crossings with the Creatures at their beginnings, and more obviously with Réseau d'Ombres. It all is the legitimity to speak here of Cold Core, the very heart, radical, mechanist and abstract of first school cold wave.

    Stuff with other orientation are automatically ranged into Zuhurbelea's discography - he takes in charge as solo the recycling of the "less joydist experiments" of Zeru ta Lur, besides his industrielles experiments.

    In parallel, Zuhurbelea explores other aspects of this sound type through ambience tainted with world style with Dominance Delta, frankly anxiogenous and tribal with Enjeu Final and Gero (id est « More »), and also new wave, as at Nive's (so called with the name of some rivers).

    In opposition to alcoholism, fascisms and patriarchy, Zuhurbelea fonded in 2012 the Zionist Anarcho-Muslim movement and opposes, to occidental hedonism, the humanitary aspect for the sine qva non condition of arts. The ethical label NO alcohol music expansion records (else : N.A.M.E.) is thus the virtual entity through and where the humanist claims can flow through in a litteral way on the triple double-ve place.

    The first release « Theorical Distances » was a long-expected one, and many tracks surge direct from 1991 to 2010 sessions (for instance with « Always », « Second Thought », « Regenerates », etc…), though a large part is of 2011.

    Zeru ta Lur / Cérou ta Lourre and Zru ta Lur are neighbours of other writings.

    Exact tracks and lengths of the LP's vary along the time, as far as online versions are concerned.

    LP 1 : Teoriko Urruntartzunak ( Distances Théoriques ), NO alcohol music

    EP 1 : Rivages (maxi), NO alcohol music ("Strands")

    Sub-LP 2 : Some Demos

    Sub-LP 3 : Sekretu Batzuk

    Intermediary Compil' 1 Pre-Demos 2012

    « Morality seems, indeed, against-nature, since it defies : « if you pollute the river, then drink of its water ». »

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.