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Zero Hour - Zero Hour [APN]

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Zero Hour - Zero Hour.zip
    6 files (11.41 MB)

    01 The Image Of Man.mp3
    02 I'll Never Forget.mp3
    03 In Shackles Of The Human Skin.mp3
    04 One Of The Living.mp3

    DOWNLOAD LINK (Hosted on APN server)

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    Zero Hour
    Release Date : 1994

    Recorded February '94.Fold-out poster sleeve.A side label had wrong speed printed, but is covered up with Sharpie.Vinyl processing company derived from runouts.

    Zero Hour Biography

    Mid-90s hardcore / crust band. Active in the SF Bay Area.

    Members were:
    * Drums - [a513562], who was also the drummer of [a325025]
    * Vocals - [a9981994], who was also the singer in [a1265122]
    * Guitar - Steven
    * Bass - Ryan

    Zero Hour was a progressive metal band formed by twin brothers Jasun Tipton and Troy Tipton in Pleasanton, California in 1993. The band is signed by Sensory Label. New vocalist Chris Salinas joined the band for their 2006 album Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond, replacing Fred Marshall. Salinas had previously fronted another progressive metal outfit, Power of Omens, which disbanded in 2005 after two albums.

    The band has since disbanded due to Troy Tipton's arm injury. Jasun Tipton stated "...he had the surgery and has been working hard to get back into playing shape. He’ll never be perfect but he’s gaining some strength in his arm and pushing forward. Much of the Zero Hour material Troy played with a lot of left hand strength. In Zero Hour there’s a lot of tapping and legato bass line in the material. Troy can’t and will not put his arm through those problems again as he still has issues." Jasun & Troy are now focusing on two new projects: the instrumental act Abnormal Thought Patterns and the vocally-driven Cynthesis.

    Studio albums
    Zero Hour (1999)
    The Towers of Avarice (2001)
    Metamorphosis (Zero Hour re-release) (2003)
    A Fragile Mind (2005)
    Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond (2006)
    Dark Deceiver (2008)

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    Label - Spiral Records (4)

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