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ZAD Anarcho-Punk Winter Offensive - NddL, Nantes [fRance]

Discussion in 'Band promotion & new album releases' started by subnormal, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Jul 22, 2011
    Hey there everyone, just for all you anarcho-punx or anticommercial noise bringers in general, i'd like to leave here an invitation to come, and eventually play, in the Zone A Defendre (Zone to be Defended) of Notre-dame-des-Landes, from this Winter on.

    The ZAD, for those who don't know, it's basically an enormous assembly of squatted houses and farms, and self-construction houses and shacks against an airport project situated 30 km north of Nantes.
    Hundreds of people live here or pass by regularly, and it forms a 1700 hectares (let's say 13km est-ouest, 5 km north-south max) no-go-zone for the french state and their dogs, la Gendarmerie. Since they were forced to retreat in Mai 2013, after around 6 months of clean-up operation of the zone (which the first squat opened in 2007), there's a regional and international movement for rural autonomy and self-organisation in day-to-day evolution here.
    For what concers music(or noise) here's a self-managed Rap studio (from the ZadSocialRap collective and many independent artists), and concerts in many squatted farms such as the Wardine, La Freusière or in auto-built shacks like la Chataigne.

    Now, since some months, the State started negotiating with the opponent's legal associations (mainly ACIPA, the local agrarians, and CeDpa, the local politicians), to abandon the project (even if a regional poll gave the victory to YES for the airport). Even if in the squatter inhabitant assemblies there was a fierce opposition to the mediation with the State, some avant-gardist neo-marxists got through with it anyway, allied with the democratic forces within the zone, 'support committees' and the legal associations, calling it a "vest" over the "body" (for saying "we'll just take care of it for you people that dogmatically refuse forming a legal association to cover our lawless county with a silk legal cadre").

    They presented a text defending that the ZAD should be in some way accepted by the State (in some other words, legalized), sustaining the theories that there are nice Biological farming projects, nice organisational forms totally compatible with those organizing society and that it can be totally assimilated by the (capitalist) surroundings - like the all young Nantes metropolitain eco-hipster-yuppies .

    So, probably, the State's gonna continue to try to manage to divide those who are against the airport and those who defend the ZAD and re-conquer this no-go-zone, maybe not for building an airport, but surely for administrating their way back again (it kinda doesn't change a lot from country to country, so you may just imagine an whatsoever project in the countryside 30km way from your nearest Metropolis).


    So yeah, if you want to come by, just pass through the abandoned and half-destroyed route D281 near "La Paquelais" village.

    If you want to come by and play, just PM me, write to fay (a) riseup (dot) net - a squat 10km away from the zone (ancrenoire.noblogs.org) - or zad (a) riseup (dot) net, to connect with the official occupation movement. Website: zad.nadir.org
    Apart from the ZAD, there's some really cool anarchopunk and hardcore scenes in Bretagne, France's NW.


    Break up with the nightclub culture religion, squat your life back!
    Let's make punk a threat again!
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