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Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Telroth, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Sep 13, 2009
    01-C.B.S (cash before sincerity)
    02-paper love
    03-power and the glory
    04-they shoot children don't they
    05-blind reality
    06-victim of rape
    07-how they live
    08/09-armygigolo time/happy families
    10-sunday bloody sunday
    11-When the Wind Blows

    lien. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JCHQ1HHZ


    Sex Object
    Release Date : 1982

    YOUTH IN ASIA Biography

    UK anarcho punk band from London.

    Band members: Mick Clarke (2), Kay Byatt, Olga Orbit, Wayne Preston (2)

    1. Anarcho punk band from the London
    2. Punk band from Rutherford, New Jersey
    3. Punk band from Oakland, CA

    1. Short-lived early 80's anarcho-punk band consisting of Kay Byatt, Wayne Sultana, Mark and Olga Orbit. The band was best known for their distinctive live performances of songs, such as Power and the Glory.

    2. Youth In Asia was a Punk Rock band formed in 1981 by a group of high school friends from Rutherford, New Jersey. The band recorded a demo at Studio X in New Jersey in February 1984. It was favorably reviewed in Jersey Beat Magazine. Following the positive reviews, Youth In Asia was contacted by Mutha Records ' Mark "Mutha" Chesley regarding recording an album. After stablizing the group's line-up - with the band being made up of members from Rutherford and Lyndhurst - the band recorded, and Mutha Records released, their only album, Pulling Out The Plug in 1984.
    Youth In Asia's Pulling Out The Plug fused Punk Rock with elements of Heavy Metal and New Wave. This was an early attempt to fuse those genres. The album was an all-original affair except for a cover version of The McCoy's Hang On Sloopy. Most songs on the record had horror/slasher movie themes. The album was released on the noted NJ based punk label, Mutha Records (catalog # 024).
    Youth In Asia played numerous shows thoughout the NY Metropolitan area, including several shows at CBGB's, The Dover Showplace and The Brighton Bar, but never toured Pulling Out The Plug nationally. The band appeared on the local television show The John Saunders Show where they were interviewed and played a video clip of a performance from CBGB. The band had some success on college radio in the USA, reaching #1 on Durham, North Carolina's WXYC's Anarchy in the PM show with Hang On Sloopy and Eastern Oregon State College's KEOL FM 91 where the album made the Top 20 H.C./Fast/Skate chart just behind D.O.A., Black Flag and Flipper.
    Youth In Asia disbanded in late 1985.
    Youth In Asia: John Heatter - Vocals / Jim Keegan - Guitar / Joe Naviello - Drums / Walt Hinz - Bass / Joe Marraro - Keyboards / Michael Pezzolla - Keyboardist later replacing Joe Marraro
    Pulling Out The Plug - 1984 (Mutha Records 024) - all songs written by Youth In Asia except* - 1. Kill The Cattle 2. Pulling Out The Plug 3. Spit Out The Bone 4. You Cook The Fish 5. Hang On Sloopy* (Farrell / Russell) 6. Undertakers 7. Beauty In The East 8. Bleeding To Live 9. Joey The Rec 10. Break You Down

    3. More recently the name Youth in Asia has been raised from the dead by Brian Azevedo (Brian O'blivion-guitar, vocals), Paul Bowman (Steely Paul-drums), and Darwin Doud (The Darwin-bass, vocals). Youth in Asia is a three piece punk band based out of Oakland, California. All three members went to high school together in Santa Ynez, California, although St.Paul and theDarwin were two years ahead of O'blivion. After Steely Paul's run with short lived Berkeley punk band, Junkie Blood, O'blivion and St.Paul decided to start their own punk band, and enlisted old friend Darwin Doud, who played bass.
    All three members are involved in other musical projects including Lead Leaf (O'blivion & St. Paul), Gold Leaf (O'blivion), and Lunar Retirement Home (The Darwin).

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Millennium Tapes

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Hello Dude. Hope you well. Track 11 is not down as Lady..... on wiki.
    Do you have the cover.??
    Thanx 4 this also.
    @ n P
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    Dec 23, 2009
    oh shit I'm so glad I found this
    I love this band but the only song I could find and download was When the Wind Blows