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"You're Crazy" Book Project (Punks w/ Mental Illness/Dual Diagnosis)

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by UPHEAVAL.FANZINE, Feb 3, 2012.


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    Aug 2, 2010
    “You’re Crazy” Book Project

    Dear Friends and Peers,

    I am putting together a book about punk rockers and mental illness/dual diagnosis. “You’re Crazy” is the title of this book which features first hand, personal accounts of punk rockers living with mental illness/dual diagnosis. You’re Crazy book's goal is to destroy the stigma that we face in society (and the scene) by owning who we are and creating solidarity with each other and being supportive about our struggles and experiences. Punk rockers are the misfits of society and those of us who struggle with mental illness and addictions often live isolated and alienated lives, misunderstood and alone. This must end and it ends now, with your contribution of your personal story of living with mental illness/dual diagnosis. I am asking you to share how you face the world on a daily basis, to talk about your struggles and successes and how you cope and hopefully share about your recovery from mental illness and addictions and/or your desire to get healthy and live life in the best way possible. We can support each other and we can build a network of solidarity and support and no longer do we have to stand in the corner or in the shadows. This is your opportunity to speak up and be heard. Please consider contributing to You’re Crazy book project.

    • Regarding what specifically to write about: Write about your life experiences with mental illness and addictions, about the stigma and judgment you have faced, how your family has treated you, about your experiences with/within the punk scene dealing with mental illness and addictions, about your daily struggles and suffering, about your successes and accomplishments despite the challenges you face/have faced, about relationships/friendships, legal/police issues, poverty, housing, medication, tragedies, losses, pain, institutionalization ,rehab, positive treatment, effective help, about your dreams and desires and your recovery.

    • This is an opportunity to tell your story.

    • Not every story is going to be one of complete success or recovery however perhaps if we can build solidarity and increase our sense of empowerment; we can live happier and healthier lives.

    • Please write up to 2000 (or so) words typed.

    • The new deadline for submissions is February 29th, 2012

    Please email your submission and any questions to: [email protected]