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yeah... and fuck DARE!

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by chief sevenleaf, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. chief sevenleaf

    chief sevenleafActive Member Forum Member




    Feb 15, 2012
    hola. im 21, male, and full of white guilt.
    i met punk rock, skateboarding, and drugs when i was about 12.
    dad left when i was 3 to be drunk all the time.
    mom married some asshole navy-vet conservative who yells at the TV.
    (can you guess which conservative media outlet is his favorite?!)
    they moved us from the heart of Houston, TX out to the 'burbs.
    everyone was so fake, so diluted, so ignorant. i hated all of 'em and their mom & dads money
    instant punk - just add water.
    got kicked out and left for good when i was 16.
    brother turned to heroin.
    i turned to philosophy, books, all things DIY, art, skating, BIKES!, psychedelics, fitness, martial arts, camping/squatting, and booze.

    today i'm a cop-car-tagging, racist-beating, dumpster-diving, fun-loving atheist, anarchist, vegan, and artist.
    i love anything post-apocalypse - mostly zombies. i can't fucking wait for the zombie apocalypse.
    i listened to a lot of reggae, dub, and blues rock in high school as a dreadlocked anarcho-hippie.
    i enjoy ska-punk - really got into leftover crack, choking victim, star fucking hipsters, etc.
    folk/acoustic-punk - had an Against Me! phase when they were actually any good. Also some decent local acoustic punx.
    Now it's anything that doesn't let up. Black Flag, Minor Threat. If it's punx, i'll give it a listen.
    I'm currently exploring more hardcore crusty shit like Amebix & Disharge.

    Glad to have found APN & I hope to discover some new music and discuss politics & philosophy.
    :a: :peace: & \m/ , always.

  2. butcher

    butcherExperienced Member Uploader Experienced member Forum Member




    Sep 8, 2009
    gday chief :beer:

    the zombie apocalypse is nigh and i for one, welcome our new undead overlords.