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German Yacøpsæ - Krank Ist Normal Ep - 1994 (Germany)

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    Track List:

    01. Yacøpsæ - Dressur Diktiert
    02. Yacøpsæ - Ohne Mich
    03. Yacøpsæ - Zerstörtes Kind
    04. Yacøpsæ - Bundeswehr
    05. YacøpYæ - Sklave
    06. Yacøpsæ - Mensch
    07. Yacøpsæ - Es Pulsiert
    08. Yacøpsæ - Verliebtes Fleisch
    09. Yacøpsæ - Gefühle
    10. Yacøpsæ - Für Dich
    11. Yacøpsæ - Smells Like Shit
    12. Yacøpsæ - Krank Ist Normal
    13. Yacøpsæ - Sexcorezismus
    14. Yacøpsæ - Jello Biafra
    15. Yacøpsæ - Ertrunken
    16. Yacøpsæ - Rockstar
    17. Yacøpsæ - Arm Und Krank
    18. Yacøpsæ - Schrei
    19. Yacøpsæ - Vergewaltigung Der Sinne
    20. Yacøpsæ - Boys Don't Cry
    21. Yacøpsæ - Intro


    Krank Ist Normal E.P.
    Release Date : 1994

    Limited to 1200 copies.

    Yacøpsæ Biography

    German band playing powerviolence/fastcore. Formed in August 1990 in Hamburg, Germany.

    Band members: Stoffel, Manuel Appel, Stefan Jenkel
    Band ex-members: , Emu (3), Frank Venet

    The Band was formed in August 1990 in Hamburg, Germany when Stoffel (guitar/vocals) met Pattex (drums) painting his room in a squat. After a small talk both decided to start an ultrafast Hardcore band, because their old bands had split up.The most inspiration came from bands like Lärm, Electro Hippies, Nunfuckers, Septic Death, M.A.F., Tin Can Army, Vorkriegsphase, (old) D.R.I., Atavistic, Crab Society North, Rapt, SM-70, Napalm Death, Satanic Malfunctions, B.G.K., S.O.B., Active Minds and some more...

    After a couple of months they decided to choose the name "YACÖPSAE", which means the plural of the name "Jakob" with an unusual way of writing, because they don´t wanted to have a "brutal" name like most of the so-called "Grindcore/Thrash"-bands (set examples for yourself in this space............foolish Goofy-Grinders).

    After many intense rehearsals they took to the stage for the first time in January 1991. It was horrible, but the crowd liked it. In April 1991, they recorded their first demo tape with 21 songs on it. To support the demo, they played gigs around Hamburg during the next few months. At the end of 1991, the drummer was too busy with his job and didn´t like the style of music much anymore, because the music became faster and more brutal. So he decided to leave the band in Februrary 1992. Stoffel asked his friend Emu, who played in a local Punk/Hardcoreband called "Derider" (RIP), if he would join the band and he did. After several months of practising 25 songs, the band did their first gig with the new line-up in September 1992. It was horrible as well but the crowd liked it again. Unbelievable, but really true.

    From now on the path is similar to other bands, they have played a lot of shows and recorded several records as you can read on the other pages. They made two tours in Germany with Active Minds in May 1995 after they played first in another countries (Austria/Belgium/Holland) in January 1995. In January 1996 Frank from another local Punk/Hardcoreband called "Sargnagel" (RIP) joined them to play bass. They were quite happy without bass guitar, while the main influences during all the time were two-member-bands like "Active Minds" and "Satanic Malfunctions" but somehow it was much better and offers more possibilities to them in the music. After more shows they recorded their first own CD/LP in October 1997 called "Fuck Punkrock... This is Turbo-Speed-Violence!" which was released Winter 1998. Since then they have released 3 additional LPs; Einstweilige Vernichtung (Temporary Extermination) in 2001; Tanz, Grosny, Tanz... (Dance, Grosny, Dance) released in 2007, and most recently, Timeo Ergo Sum (I fear, Therefore I am), released in December 2019. They have also released a variety of splits and EPs including a complete re-recording in 2013 of the Krank Ist Normal EP released in 1994.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Rødel Records

    German grindcore & crust label.






    Hatred Surge