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World War Scene

Discussion in 'North America & Pacific Region' started by 701crew, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. 701crew

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    Dec 15, 2009
    World War Scene
    Saturday April 10th

    My My Misfire- www.myspace.com/mymymisfire
    Orwell- www.myspace.com/orwellwi
    Blue Ox- www.myspace.com/blueoxmn
    Give To The Winds- www.myspace.com/gttw
    Ambassador Gun- www.myspace.com/ambassadorgun
    Lost Apparitions- www.myspace.com/lostapparitions
    The Suit- www.myspace.com/thesuitmusic
    Righteous Vendetta- www.myspace.com/righteousvendettashred
    Vendetta Spoken-www.myspace.com/vendettaspoken
    If I Ran The Zoo- www.myspace.com/iirtz
    Sleep Study- www.myspace.com/stayoutlate
    From Above- www.myspace.com/fromabovehxc
    Crucial End- www.myspace.com/crucialend
    You Can’t Outrun Ghosts- www.myspace.com/youcantoutrunghosts
    It Came From The Sea- www.myspace.com/icfts

    5:00pm | $10.00 | all ages | two stages

    @ The Eagles Club (1400 Collins Ave Mandan ND)

    for more info go to: