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Witch Hunt - Witchhunt (EP)

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Witch Hunt - Witchhunt (EP)
    • Witchhunt - 01 - Fed Up.mp3
    • Witchhunt - 02 - On My Honor.mp3
    • Witchhunt - 03 - A War On Reality.mp3
    • Witchhunt - 04 - Take A Stand.mp3
    • Witchhunt - 05 - Shroud Of Silence.mp3


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    The Witch Hunt
    Release Date : 2020

    Issued in a cardbvoard sleeve. Comes with a 2-page info sheet. Mini-max CD.Info from sheet: These are demo recordings from [m=608060] album that was released some years ago.This is original cover art made by: [...] inspired on the title of the demo.

    Witch Hunt Biography

    Master is one of the earliest bands in the world labeled as death metal and still going strong with various line-ups around main man and founder [a450079]. Originally founded in 1983 and based in Chicago, Illinois. Later relocated to Uherské Hradiště, Moravia, Czech Republic.

    In September 2019 Master presented a new line-up consisting of:
    [a=Paul Speckmann]
    [a=Ruston Grosse]
    [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/7594021-Pat-Shea-4]Pat Shea[/url]

    Band members: Paul Speckmann, Ruston Grosse
    Band ex-members: , Aaron Nickeas, Jeff Kobie, Brian Brady, Paul Masvidal, Bill Schmidt, Chris Mittelbrun, Skull (9), Jim Martinelli, Patrik Zálešák, Sage Gonzales, Sage Johnson, Aleš Nejezchleba, Steve Bailey (3), Zdeněk Pradlovský, Alex Van Wanrooy, Petr Kryštof, Lord Izual

    There are two bands with the name Witch Hunt:

    1) Witch Hunt is a four-pierce hardcore punk band based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They formed in northern New Jersey in 2001.

    Their first two releases they were on Profane Existence. Witch Hunt currently have three full albums: ...As Priorities Decay (2004), Blood Red States (2006), and Burning Bridges To Nowhere (2009 - Alternative Tentacles) as well as a compilation of unreleased early recordings entitled This Is Only The Beginning... (2007). The line-up is Janine Enriquez,Rob Fitzpatrick,Nicole Enriquez,Vince Klopfenstein.

    The band started out as a 3 piece with Janine on bass, Rob on drums, Nicole on guitar and all members sharing vocal duties. In 2005, Vince joined as the drummer and Rob switched to guitar. Members also play or have played in Lost Cause (9), End Me, Lusts, Clockcleaner, Sickoids (2) and SNOWSTORM (3). Their lyrics mainly speak of social-political themes such as imperialism, sexual abuse, the state and the environment.

    2) Leeds based band with a sparkly sinister edge.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Mierdas Production

    Mexican label.