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Wire - First Three Albums - 1977-1979 (UK)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by nike, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Jun 19, 2011
    Wire - Pink Flag (1977)


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    Track List:

    01. Reuters
    02. Field Day For The Sundays
    03. Three Girl Rhumba
    04. Ex Lion Tamer
    05. Lowdown
    06. Start To Move
    07. Brazil
    08. It's So Obvious
    09. Surgeon's Girl
    10. Pink Flag
    11. The Commercial
    12. Straight Line
    13. 106 Beats That
    14. Mr. Suit
    15. Strange
    16. Fragile
    17. Mannequin
    18. Different To Me
    19. Champs
    20. Feeling Called Love
    21. 1 2 X U

    Wire - Chairs Missing (1978)


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    Track List:

    01. Practice Makes Perfect
    02. French Film Blurred
    03. Another The Letter
    04. Men 2nd
    05. Marooned
    06. Sand In My Joints
    07. Being Sucked In Again
    08. Heartbeat
    09. Mercy
    10. Outdoor Miner
    11. I Am The Fly
    12. I Feel Mysterious Today
    13. From the Nursery
    14. Used To
    15. Too Late

    Wire - 154 (1979)


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    Track List:

    01. I Should Have Known Better
    02. Two People In A Room
    03. The 15th
    04. The Other Window
    05. Single K.O.
    06. A Touching Display
    07. On Returning
    08. A Mutual Friend
    09. Blessed State
    10. Once Is Enough
    11. Map Ref. 41°N 93°W
    12. Indirect Inquiries
    13. 40 Versions
    14. Song 1
    15. Get Down, Pts. 1-2
    16. Let's Panic Later
    17. Small Electric Piece



    Live At The Swing Club Torino Italy
    Release Date : 2014

    Details: Black Vinyl / 350mcn paper / Special black double lay ink press / handily plasticization / handily gluing / PVC outers / original artwork /Originally Released as: R International / Altsax Records SNIR 25055, 1974, ItalyNotes: Although alto saxophonist Noah Howard never quite managed to garner the reputation that several of his more well-known playing partners did, to those ‘

    Wire Biography

    Wire is a band formed in 1976 in Watford, England and after splitting in 1980, have reformed three times. They consist of Colin Newman (vocals, guitar), Graham Lewis (vocals, bass) and Robert Gotobed (drums). Founding guitarist Bruce Gilbert left in 2004. In 2008, Margaret Fielder McGinnis of Laika joined the band as their touring guitarist, but as of 2010 has been replaced by Matt Simms.

    Wire's debut album, Pink Flag (1977), contains songs which are diverse in mood and style, but most use a minimalist punk approach, unorthodox structures, and several songs are under a minute in length; "Field Day For The Sundays" is only 28 seconds long.

    Chairs Missing followed in 1978, and found Wire stepping back from the stark minimalism of Pink Flag, with longer, more atmospheric songs and synthesizer parts added by producer Mike Thorne. The experimentation was even more prominent on 154 (1979). Many of the songs had bassist Graham Lewis on lead vocals.

    In 1979, creative differences pulled the band in different directions, leading to the Document and Eyewitness LP (1981), a recording of a performance that featured, almost exclusively, new material. The LP came packaged with an EP of a different performance of more new material. Some of these songs, along with others performed but not included on the album, were included on Colin Newman's post-Wire solo albums ("5/10", "We Meet Under Tables"), while others were released by Gilbert and Lewis' primary post-Wire outlet Dome ("And Then...", "Ritual View"). The band disbanded for the first time in 1980

    Between 1981-85 Wire ceased recording and performing in favour of solo and non-Wire collaborative projects such as Dome, Cupol, Duet Emmo, and several Colin Newman solo efforts. In 1985, the group reformed as a "beat combo" (a joking reference to early 1960s beat music or even possibly beatniks), with greater use of electronic musical instruments. It released It's Beginning To And Back Again (IBTABA) in 1989, a "live" album of mostly re-worked versions of songs from The Ideal Copy and A Bell Is a Cup...Until It Is Struck, heavily re-arranged, edited, and remixed. A new song from the album, "Eardrum Buzz", became the band's biggest charting single.

    Gotobed left the band in 1990, after the release of the album Manscape. After his departure, the band dropped one letter from its name, becoming "Wir" (still pronounced "wire"), and released The First Letter in 1991. Once again, the band disbanded in 1992 There followed a further period of solo recordings, during which Newman founded the Swim ~ label, and later Githead with his wife (ex-Minimal Compact bassist Malka Spigel), while Wire remained an occasional collaboration. It was not until 1999 that Wire again became a full-time entity.

    With Gotobed back in the line-up (now using his birth name, Robert Grey), the group initially reworked much of their back catalogue for a performance at Royal Festival Hall on 26 February 2000. Wire's reception during a short tour of the US, and a number of UK gigs, convinced the band to continue. Two EPs and an album Send (2003) followed, as well as collaborations with stage designer Es Devlin and artists Jake and Dinos Chapman. In 2004 the band split once more.

    In 2006, Wire's 1970s albums were re-released with original vinyl track listings. Rumours abounded of a renewal of activity to mark the 30th anniversary of the band's debut as a 4 piece and the re-release of Pink Flag in 2007. A third Read & Burn EP was released in November, 2007.

    A full-length album of new material entitled Object 47 was released in July 2008. Bruce Gilbert was not involved in this recording, although according to Colin Newman, he did feature in a minimal capacity on the third Read and Burn EP. 2011 saw the release of the band's twelfth studio album Red Barked Tree.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - seriE.WOC

    Italian reissue label


    Colin Newman

    Gang of Four


    The Fall

    Public Image Ltd.
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    The link for Pink Flag appears to be down. Any chance of a fix? Would love to get it, cheers!
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    Fixed and upgraded too... ;)
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    Anyone have any working links for this. The links no longer work

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