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WILDCAT: The comic for Anarchists who can laugh at themselves

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Hat, Aug 2, 2019.

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    WIldcat is an anarchist comic that has been published in various European publications since the early 1980s by Donald Rooum.

    There is Wildcat, the female anarchist who is very enthusiastic, but a little TOO hyper to get her point across effectively and her friend, who's name I can't remember who is a tall bird of prey, who is older, and while sharing her philosophy and enthusiasm for Anarchy, is more subdued and wants to make Anarchy respectable.

    These are the two main characters of focus in Wildcat comics.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't really find any good comics that I could share due to size issues, but I have an illustration, and, anybody looking for a good laugh should check out Wildcat comics.

    Since I don't have the cartoon handy I shall narrate one of my favorite ones verbally.......

    Wildcat is stand on the beach and a voice coming from the ocean says "Who won the last election?" to which Wildcat replies, "Same as always, one of your lot!" The second panel features a SHARK jumping out of the water, chasing Wildcat away from the beach.

    This is the kind of whacky irreverent humor you can expect from Wildcat comics. wildcat-FORWEB.jpg