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Whorehouse Of Representatives - It's A Corporate World After All

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    Whorehouse Of Representatives - It's A Corporate World After All
    • 01 Whorehouse Of Representatives-Brainwashed.mp3
    • 02 Whorehouse Of Representatives-Problem Hasnt Gone Away.mp3
    • 03 Whorehouse Of Representatives-Body Aches.mp3
    • 04 Whorehouse Of Representatives-Creme Of Human Soup.mp3


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    Whorehouse Of Representatives Biography

    Whorehouse of Representatives was formed in Febuary 1993 (disbanded in 1999!) We are a Political/socially aware, satanic, cop hatin, soy eating, monkey lovin, alcoholic and lazy, hardcore band from Seattle, WA, U$A. We have zero tolerence for sexism, racism, homophobia, ignorance, and stupidity. I our 6 year existence, we played benefits for, Food Not Bombs, Home Alive, Books To Prisoners, EarthFirst!, On Indian Land, Northwest Aids Foundation, Lubicon Cree Indian Nation, and Friends Of The Lubicon. We were and some of us still are involved with DIY projects such as Labels, distros, shows, artwork, homebrewing, and any thing we can do ourselves. We did 3 US tours, 2 West Coast tours and shitloads of other shows throughout the west and north.
    nW.O.R. members:
    nMichele (Madame Michele) - Throat Violence
    nJim (Jimbag) - Hellish Crossfire On 4 Steel Strings
    nBrendan (Dad) - Skin Basher
    nDave (Chaos Dave) - V Axe Holocaust
    nRick (The Other White Meat) - Deadly 6 String dose
    nDan Hammerschmidt- Guitar (1993-94)
    nMike Doody - Drums (1994-95)
    nPat Schultz - Drums (1993)
    nOthers Guilty Parties Involed:
    nGinelle Hustrulid- Roadie (US tour 1995)
    nMelanie Torvi- Roadie (1996-98)

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.