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What to do about the criminalization of homelessness?

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by LIVE_FREE, Feb 20, 2018.


    LIVE_FREEActive Member Forum Member




    Jan 1, 2018
    Ontario, Canada Canada
    I live in canada and the eb and flow of the police state here and in the US is real. Im a traveller, a hobo, a vagrant, and ive been noticing how fucked up some of the laws are that combat homelessness. Its especially hard on people stuck in or around cities but it can be a huge pain or threat on a traveller aswell. Half the reason im anarchist is because i have zero faith in the beaurocracy to actually do fuck all. I know who makes the rules. The asshole that owns a casino and works for the local administrations, the official getting payed by the NRA or big oil or some other multinational, or some lawyer that lives half the year in some summer home in the Galapagos ir whatever. Rich scumbags that dont know or care about the plight of the common man.

    So making it illegal to sit, sleep, camp, feed people, beg, etc is becoming the norm in alot of north american cities. Which at its core is contrary to the constitution and canadas charter of rights and freedoms, but so what right? I just want to know if anyone has ideas on how to combat this outside of individual action and avoiding getting beaten and arrested by asshole pigs. What can we do as a community?

    I was inspired as fuck by the OCCUPY movement.

  2. punkmar77

    punkmar77Administrator Staff Member Admin Team Experienced member




    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Even Occupy was infiltrated as fuck, I was surrounded by snitches and Democrats, people screaming at me to take my balaclava off...
  3. babycrusty161

    babycrusty161New Member New Member




    Feb 25, 2018
    Texas, United States United States
    food not bombs! getting a community together to feed those without homes no matter what the pigs say is great imo. maybe nothing can stop the filth from saying not having a home is wrong, but that doesn't mean you cant organize to feed and protect those who need it!

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