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Discussion in 'INFORMATION' started by ghost in the void, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Aug 8, 2009
    This is written in an attempt to clarify certain points in as brief a manner as possible, at to describe what we here at ANARCHO-PUNK.NET believe ourselves to represent.

    Firstly, anarchism is not mindless anarchy, it is not meaningless violence and disorder. It is as valid a socio-political ideology as any other, primarily meaning order without power. There are many different forms of anarchism.

    Similarly anarcho-punk in literal English language definition does not mean anarchist punk, it is a term that means punk that is influenced by anarchism, or other radical progressive political motivations. Here we do not assume that just because a band is commonly labelled anarcho-punk by it's fans means that they are anarchist idealists. If you are in a band espousing radical progressive political beliefs, but are unhappy that someone has linked an upload of your music to the ANARCHO-PUNK section of the website, please tell us. Possibly consider requesting the link to be moved to a section with another label if you are still happy for your music to be linked to through ANARCHO-PUNK.NET.

    The anarcho-punk collective and band CRASS expressed distain for anarchist philosophers in their literature, prefering “anarchism in motion”. By this you could say they meant “put down your books and clean your house”, meaning rather than be intellectual bookworms their audience should apply their ideals to their daily lifestyle, rather than merely thinking and dreaming of a better day. Still, despite their apparent dislike of anarchist philosophy that isn't grounded in action, they sang “If you're tired of politics become an anarchist.”

    We hope this clarifies that we distinguish between mindless anarchy, anarchism, and anarcho-punk. Anarcho-punk can represent one or many forms of anarchism, or none at all, and includes radical progressive political ideas. It does not represent, and excludes, the old, stagnant and rigid political ideologies of right-wing thinkers, warmongers, and corporate interests, or those that would attempt to incorporate these into the broader punk movement itself.

    The symbols below our website's logo are the symbols for anarchism, peace, and equality. We encourage our websites users and our community to consider why we use all three symbols rather than just the one for anarchism itself.