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Warcollapse - 1999 - Devine Intoxication

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by n0iseterrorist, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Timebomb State
    Caught Up In Shit
    Nauseating Nightmare
    Begging For Death
    No Hope
    Drunk Collapsed Destroyed
    Booze, Violence & Misery
    World War Control
    Divine Intoxication
    As The Bombing Ends
    Unbound By Laws
    In The Abscense Of Peace
    Phetamine Rush
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    Warcollapse Biography

    Warcollapse started December '91 under the name Earcollapse. The line-up was Jalle - vocals / drums, and Emil - guitar / bass. Earcollapse was pure grindcore, influenced by bands such as Sore-Throat, 7 Minutes Of Nausea and early Napalm Death...

    In early 1992, the name was changed to Warcollapse, and songs like "Misery And Despair", "Bleakness Over Battlefields", "Massgenocide" and "Warcollapse" were created in the early style of Scandinavian Raw-punk... In May '92, a "test-recording" was done. Warcollapse then went back to that studio to record a demo in June of '92, that became more satisfying. The 1st demo, "Misery And Despair" was spread around, and in the autumn of '92 Kalle joined Warcollapse as drummer. During the winter of '92-'93, Janne joined the band as bassplayer.

    In February '93, the band recorded 4 tracks to appear on 2 releases; a split-EP with Extinction Of Mankind (U.K), that was released by Elderberry Records, and the compilation-CD "War Compilation", released by Tribal War Asia. Then Warcollapse was offered to be included on the Swedish Compilation-CD "Distortion To Hell", and the track that was on the "War Compilation", also winded up on "Distortion To Hell," together with the left over track from the recording, entitled "Warcollapse".

    On the 13th of November, Warcollapse played live for the first time. Later that month, Warcollapse recorded the debut-EP "Indoctri-Nation" that was co - released by Japanese label Tribal War Asia and Swedish Elderberry Records, due to the bad pressing on the Japanese version's b-side. In April '94, Warcollapse toured the U.K, mostly with Substandard, for 8 dates. In June, tracks were recorded for a planned debut-album, but the result wasn't good enough, so instead the tracks were split up on; a split-EP with Disrupt (U.S.A), released on Crust Records, and a MCD "Crust As Fuck Existence" released by Distortion Records. While the 7" EP's were in the crusty style, the MCD was more in the vein of Amebix/Axegrinder..slow as fuck crust...

    In November '94, Warcollapse toured Sweden together with Extinction Of Mankind and Counterblast for 7 dates. In September 1995, Warcollapse and Extinction Of Mankind did a tour in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

    After that tour nothing happened for a long time, until the summer of 1997, when the band entered Opus Studios to record the debut-album "Divine Intoxication". The album was recorded in two sessions; one took place in July and one in September. "Divine Intoxication" was released in late 1999 by Mind Control Records, U.S.A, containing 16 tracks of various sound quality, but what the fuck, it's punk right...

    In November 1999 Warcollapse held a release-party of sorts in Jönköping, Sweden, and the gig was taped. This video is released by Elderberry Records, entitled "Live Intoxication", and it's a brutal fucker ;).

    In 2007, Warcollapse released their latest album, "Defy," on Profane Existence records.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.





    Anti Cimex

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