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Vulture Locust - Cold Civil War - 2013 (USA)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by GhostNomad, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Vulture Locust ”Cold Civil War” Track Listing

    01 Home Invasion
    02 Minimum Wage
    03 I Remember Building 7
    04 Terror Alert Level
    06 The Audacity of Hoax

    This is the debut from Portland, Oregon's grind/thrash/crust/death horde, featuring members from AKA Mabus/Sasquatch Agnostic & Self Murder. The “Cold Civil War” EP contains six grind-blasting, riff-shredding, throat-gurgling tracks of police state conspiracy. Anti-fascist lyrics maintain a satirical Dead Kennedys/Milkmen vibe and aggressively tackle every real or imagined conspiracy out there. Vulture Locust keep “Cold Civil War” underground as possible with harsh, lo-fi recording techniques and a raging wall of sound only to be played at max volume. Vulture Locust assumes no”ism” and exists to raise every uncomfortable question.

    Listen to the full album on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV3KZo1uFGU

    Vulture Locust official website: http://www.vulturelocust.com

    The guitarist also put out many free books on the underground: http://www.bigshinyprison.com

    Review from Masterful Magazine (Poland) // "Okay, you inbred fuckwits. Lay off the bong for a minute and listen up. Vulture Locust sounds mighty pissed off here, and ear-gratingly raw too, but what gives? This is punk-fused grindcore in the tradition of “Scum” era Napalm Death, Hemdale (without the stoner grooves), Nasum and Flesh Parade. Holy crap. I even get Benümb vibes from this, but instead of Pete Ponitkoff’s barking commands there’s underground metal journalist Ryan Bartek screaming, shouting and shrieking his lungs out in discontent, anger and general frustration. Now, I realize most of you can’t stop masturbating to Scott Hull’s drum machine and Antares Autotune, but none of that glossy digital shit is to be found here, thankfully. Odin knows that most grindcore is as trendy as anything today, and that a lot of stupid crap is lavishly praised for whatever unfathomable reason. Well, let’s take the genre back to its roots, shall we? In fact, this sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box in an abandoned warehouse somewhere. Not that it matters, this lack of production, cos this is fucken powerful stuff. It’s chaotic, it sounds like it will become undone at the seams at points, and it sounds like a freight train going 200 km/h in the wrong lane (catch the reference, and pat yourself on the back). Holy fucken shit, this is some good bare bones grind. None of that glossy modern shit, no sir. No, this is traditional grindcore – inspired in equal measure by DIY hardcore/punk and early death metal. Oh yeah, did I mention that this sounds raw? Cos it does, and I fucken love it. Just, wow. It’s hard to believe at times that this comes from the state of Jimi Hendrix, and fucken Private Practice of all things. Kate Walsh is hot, I don’t care what you say. Although I’ve always preferred Caterina Scorsone over her. Mr. Bartek, you are a god among men – and if this “Cold Civil War” is your mission statement against the corporatized, and no doubt, corrupt American political system then more power to you. This is really what we needed. Now I can only hope you shills can remove your lips long enough from Robb Flynn’s or Phil Anselmo’s sphincter and actually take the time to listen and absorb this EP. I wish this EP was longer, cos this rocks. Seriously. I hope you glue-sniffing idiots recognize good music when it presents itself. Then again, Ke$ha and Jersey Shore are popular. Sigh..."


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