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Victims Family - 4 Great Thrash Songs (Best Of Live) - 1994 (U$A)

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    Victims Family - 4 Great Thrash Songs
    Format:Vinyl, LP Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
    Genre:Jazz, Rock
    Style:Hardcore, Experimental


    01 Supermarket Nightmare
    02 Nirvana
    03 Yeah!
    04 Me Vs Everything
    05 Creepy People
    06 August 6th
    07 In A Nutshell
    08 Mousetrap
    09 Nopalitos
    10 God, Jerry And The P.M.R.C.
    11 Sinatra Mantra
    12 Anti-Satan Song For Mom
    13 Naive Children
    14 Drink The Kool-Aid
    15 World War IX
    16 George Benson
    17 Liars, Pigs And Thieves
    18 Product
    19 Baklava
    20 Ugly Thing
    21 Bad Karma
    22 I'm So Lost
    23 Song X


    4 Great Thrash Songs
    Release Date : 1995

    Recorded Live By Dolf Planteydt at De Melkweg in Amsterdam on September 3 , 1994.Comes With A Printed Insert & With A 12-paged label catalogue

    Victims Family Biography

    American hardcore punk band founded in 1984 in Santa Rosa, California.

    Band members: Tim Solyan, Larry Boothroyd, Ralph Spight, Eric Strand (2)
    Band ex-members: , Dave Gleza, Devon VrMeer

    Victim's Family was a punk band formed in 1984 in Santa Rosa, California, USA by bassist Larry Boothroyd and guitarist and vocalist Ralph Spight. Drummer Devon VrMeer completed the trio. Their sound blended hardcore punk, heavy metal and jazz, making them difficult to categorize into a single genre. All Music Guide says, "since its inception, the trio has refused to be pigeonholed to any single musical style — incorporating elements of hardcore punk, jazz, funk, hard rock, and noise into its challenging sound." They were known as one of the most musically diverse bands in the San Francisco, California underground music scene. Over the years, Victim's Family went through four drummers and two breakups. Their name was taken by a piece by cartoonist B. Kliban.
    nTheir debut release Voltage and Violets came out in 1986 on Mordam Records. Since that album there have been five others before this new one. Then after six albums Victims Family disbanded in 1994 or so it seemed. In 1996 Ralph Spight and Larry Boothroyd continued playing together under their new moniker Saturn's Flea Collar releasing a single and an album on Alternative Tentacles. Then they recruited a new drummer and formed The Hellworms and released Crowd Repellent in 1998.
    nWith the departure of Hellworms drummer, Ralph and Larry decided to revive the VICTIM'S FAMILY name as an umbrella under which to play both old and new material from all three bands. After months of frustrating drummer auditions, David Gleza (ex-of My Name) was recruited and the trio began writing and Apocalicious was recorded.
    nApocalicious features all new songs and shows the band branching out adventurously into areas they have explored since their inception such as punk, math rock, progressive and jazz-core. Living up to the album's title, Apocalicious breaks new ground without disappointing.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Alternative Tentacles

    Undergound punk record label established in 1979 in San Francisco, California, USA with sublabel/office in London, UK. It was used by the Dead Kennedys for the self-produced single "California Über Alles". After realizing the potential for an independent label, they released records for other bands as well. Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray and vocalist Jello Biafra formed Alternative Tentacles, but Biafra became the owner in the mid-1980s. Alternative Tentacles no longer owns the rights to Dead Kennedys recordings after a 2000 lawsuit.

    Labelcode: LC 8356