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Vicious Circle - Reflections - 1986 (Australia)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Probe, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Click on the link above to download the file


    Track List:

    01. Common Denominator
    02. Personality Crisis
    03. Reflections
    04. Mass Confusion
    05. Doubtful Season
    06. Pseudo Genocide
    07. Hope And Wait
    08. Son Of Epitaph
    09. Under The Surface
    10. One More Step
    11. Police Brutality
    12. Broadcast Of Terror
    13. Inside Operation


    Release Date : 1986

    Recorded 26/4/86 & 27/4/86 at Sound Concept Studios, Parkdale. Mixed down 1/5/86 & 8/5/86 Includes lyrics in gatefold 1st pressing: 1,000 copies 2nd pressing: 500 copiesNote: California's Boner Records also pressed 2,000 copies of this album for sales in the USA. Produced in September 1987. © & ℗ 1986

    Vicious Circle Biography

    Since the 1980s Vicious Circle (VC) has been a main stay of the Australian Hard-core movement. The band formed in Melbourne in 1983 and was quickly established within the cities scene. VC has appeared on numerous compilations worldwide and released multiple albums, EPs and singles during the bands 30 year tenure.

    Line up:
    Adam Shirley: Guitars
    Ash: Drums
    Paul Lindsay: Vocals

    Band members: Adam Shirley (2), Alby Brovedani, James Lynch (5)
    Band ex-members: , Russell Keith Hopkins, David Ross (2), Les Rumincik, Paul Lindsay (2), Mark Saxonby

    Vicious Circle is the name for 6 bands.

    1. A Drum and bass/Dance band from London, England

    The 4 man collective known as Vicious Circle began in a flat in South London in 2002. Born out of a mutual love of all things Drum n Bass and with a wide range of influences, this exciting new crew have entered the scene with a bang and intend to continue rocking dance floors with their no holds barred style of deep dark future funk.

    Inspired by the futuristic techy styles of the late 90s Vicious Circle set about crafting there own distinct sound and networking with artists worldwide. Arriving at the Miami Winter Music Conference in March 04 armed with a handful of cds, the crew were pleasantly surprised to find their early work getting heavy Dj support from some of the scenes biggest names like Pendulum, Technical Itch and Keaton. Upon returning to the UK it was clear that now was the time to take the next step..

    The big break came when Universal Project offered the team their choice of remix from the UP back catalogue. Underground anthem Jackhammer was their choice and the results were devastating! Legendary label Renegade Hardware were soon calling and before long the remix was signed as part of UPs Black Techno EP. Heavy support followed from the scenes top Djs and by the time the EP was released in October 2004 word of VCs production talents was soon spreading.

    Promoters were also starting to take note, bookings at high profile events like Anger Managements Therapy Sessions gave the crew the chance to unleash their rolling thunder on audiences around the country.

    So into 2005 and it was a big one for the Circle, kicking off with an appearance in ATM magazine and an hour long guest slot on BBC Radio 1xtra adding to the already growing hype surrounding the crew. Releases wise it was a busy year too kicking off with the hypnotic grooves of Apparition (Feat EBK) on Kryptic Minds Defcom label, followed by the stomping minimal tech funk of Doomtrain on Renegade Hardwares Guerrilla Warfare LP. A deeper 12 on Avalanche with Blue Lagoon/Contagious showed the crews versatility and the twisted remix of breaks don ILS single Cherish on Distinctive was also well received. Three massive collaborations followed: The high-energy techno of Shadrock feat. Corrupt Souls, the peak time floor filler The Grudge with Chase & Status both on Renegade Hardware and of course the massive club smasher Hellrazor with Universal Project on UP Recs.

    Highly acclaimed appearances at some of DnBs most prestigious events also took place, including memorable sets at 3 Renegade Hardware parties at Londons legendary End club, numerous appearances in Europe and the US at well known events including Bass XL in Belgium and Prospect in Holland amongst others and also appearances at the Miami Winter Music Conference and Atlantas Transit.

    So on to 2006, and a feature in the years first issue of Knowledge magazine got things rolling. First up on the release schedule was the techno tinged conga thuggery of Between the Lines on Hardwares flagship Carpe Diem LP in March. This has probably proved to be the crew's biggest track so far with massive support from all of the scenes top Dj's even well after the vinyl release proving it to be a modern day classic.

    The crew also took a star turn on Techstep pioneer Dj Trace's latest LP project 'Something Sick' on his DSCI4 imprint, offering a grimey. hi tempo reworking of Silent Witness's 'Ringside' and a second collab with EBK 'Cruise Control' both of which have been tearing up floors worldwide.

    Up next is the Circle's first artist EP on Renegade Hardware so expect a heady mix of future funk with a splash of retro tech and a big guest appearance from Nocturnal, in the form of the club smasher title track Welcome To Shanktown. Also about to drop is 'Shredder', the crews first outing on Dylans Freak imprint, and 'Night People' for the Revelations EP on Hardware (part of the popular Horsemen series). Early 2007 will see the release of the Shanktown EP and some more high profile remix work.

    2. A French alternative/industrial/ethereal/dream pop band

    Vicious Circle was a French alternative industrial duo formed by Lucie Dehli and Stephan Ink in 1989 and disbanded in 1991. Barbed Wire Slides, their unique album under the Vicious Circle's banner hung round a twisted, vulnerable little girl vocal - the girlish voice of Lucie Dehli - seemingly echoing right from a creepy playground. Numbing repetitions of samples, rigid rythmic loops were envelopped with airy creative sounds, the all giving a result without compromise. They brilliantly slided between Coil, Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins, and succeeded in reaching an intense, and striking atmosphere, giving birth to a very personal style. This album has been released by Some Bizarre (Coil, The The, Neubauten, Swans, Soft Cell) in 1991. In 1992, they gave a turn to their music, in creating View, a much more atmospheric and ambient project. They recorded with the jazz drummer Frank Vaillant, the classical percussionist Max Boisson, and Jean-Marie Mathoul from 48 Cameras. They now are performing under the name of Elephant Leaf.

    3. A hardcore/punk band from Melbourne, Australia

    Alongside Depression, the Melbourne band Vicious Circle was that city's most influential hardcore band of the 1980s. Vicious Circle also proved to be a very prolific recording outfit, and while the band's records sold to a dedicated few in Australia, they sold reasonable quantities outside their own country in places like the US West Coast.

    Perth born drummer Russel Hopkinson replaced original drummer Michael in 1984. From the earliest Vicious Circle recordings, "Blood Race" and "Police Brutality" appeared on the compilation Eat Your Head (No Masters Voice, 1984) which also featured tracks by Civil Dissident, Murder Murder Suicide, End Result and more. "Police Brutality" was also featured on the legendary P.E.A.C.E. comp LP (R Radical Records). The same year the band issued their first EP, Search For Solution, on Phil McDougall's Reactor label. The EP sold all 1000 copies, incentive enough for the band to record its debut album The Price of Progress (Reactor, 1985). The album was a groundbreaking release in the annals of the local hardcore scene. UK label Children of the Revolution licensed the album in November '85.

    The US connection led to them issuing a split album with California band Youth Brigade in April of 1986, in the same month Reactor released the first Vicious Circle single "A Nightmare So Quick/Viewing Time". By that stage, David Ross had replaced Hopkinson on drums and Keith Chatham (ex-Death Sentence) had come in on bass to allow Alby Brovedani to concentrate on rhythm guitar. By the time the band had come to record their second album Reflections, Chatham had left and Brovedani was back on bass. Reflections, which was released October 1986, charted the band's progress, with elements of melody seeping into the band's all out thrashcore approach. California-based label Boner released the album in the US. Vicious Circle undertook a three month US tour where they played shows with bands like Final Conflict, Agnostic Front, GBH, MDC, Life Sentence, Attitude Adjustment, Crucifucks and more.

    At the end of 1986, James Lynch (ex-Children of Sorrow) replaced Ross on drums, In September '87 the band released one more record on Reactor, the 12" EP Hope and Wait, before signing up with Sydney label Waterfont for the LP Into The Void. The band continued to play around Melbourne, but broke up in 1990. Lindsay and Ruminicik teamed up with Danny (ex-Depression) to form the skatecore band Rue Morgue, they put out a few records but by '94/'95 Linday and Ruminicik had revived Vicious Circle, in March 1996 the band released the Fixated EP. With a now stable lineup and sounding harder and rawer than ever the band released the 12 track Internal Headstrength album in 1997 on Spend and in 1999 they released the Perfect World Disaster album on Scott Toe To Toe's Resist Records.

    4. Hardcore/Punk band VICIOUS CIRCLE. Formed at the tail end of the 1970s in Southern California
    TKO Records is proud to announce the first ever release from the legendary, notorious Vicious Circle. Formed at the tail end of the 1970s in Southern California, VC featured Steve Houston of Posh Boy Records' The Klan and Jack Grisham and Todd Barnes, who would go on to form T.S.O.L. Though VC only existed for a brief moment, the exploits of the band and their close-knit pack of followers would become the stuff of legend in the SoCal Punk scene. For this 12", the band's only existing practice recordings have been meticulously restored and mastered so that rest of us can finally safely experience this piece of punk rock history. Thankfully the statute of limitations has run out on the activities discussed.

    5. An Old School hardcore punk band from Barcelona, Spain.

    They have released an EP with 8 songs in 2006 called "Kiss My Ass"

    6. Death/Thrash from New Jersey, USA.


    Vicious Circle Demo 1989
    Mutated Form Demo 1990
    Fist of God Demo 1992
    Cryptic Void Full-length 1993
    1994 Demo Demo 1994
    Live Long And Suffer EP 1997
    Reflections of a Past Light Compilation 2000
    The Art of Agony Full-length 2004
    Lifelong Suicide Demo 2007

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Reactor Records (3)

    The sole proprietor of the Reactor label was Phil Macdougall. He thought of the name iReactor Records/i in late 1983.


    Corrupt Souls

    Silent Witness

    The Sect


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    Re: Vicious Circle - Refections - 1986 (Australia )

    You wouldn't happen to have price of progress would you? been looking for that record for ages. Found it in Rare Records in St Kilda for $35 and bummed i didnt buy it. Cheers! :beer:
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    Re: Vicious Circle - Refections - 1986 (Australia )

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