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Venomous Concept - Retroactive Abortion - 2004 (USA)

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    Venomous Concept is an extremely fast punk band started by members of Napalm Death, Melvins and Brutal Truth. The name itself is a play on Poison Idea, whose intense, loud hardcore is one of their main influences, together with bands as Discharge and GISM.


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    Retroactive Abortion
    Track listing:

    "Weirdo" – 2:21
    "Oink!" – 1:04
    "Rhetoric" – 2:30
    "I Said Before" – 1:51
    "Freakbird" – 1:29
    "Infest" – 0:36
    "Life's Fine" – 1:54
    "Idiot Parade" – 2:31
    "Hard On" – 2:00
    "Group Hug" – 1:33
    "Anti-Social" – 1:12
    "Run Around" – 1:25
    "Smash" – 1:41
    "Monkey See - Monkey Beat" – 1:10
    "Total Recall" – 1:54
    "Braincrash" – 2:14

    The history of Venomous Concept can be dated back to 1989 when Shane Embury and Kevin Sharp first met in New York City when Napalm Death were asked to play a show as part of the city’s annual music/arts festival week at legendary club CBGB’s. Their friendship started at St.Marks Pizza parlour around the corner.
    In February 2004 Kevin happened to be the tour driver of Napalm Death on “The Art of Noise” tour with Nile, Strapping Young Lad, Dark Tranquillity and The Berzerker. Shane and Kevin had lost touch in the years between, but "some beers, pizza and old vinyl classics by Poison Idea, Black Flag and Systematic Death" renewed their friendship. They decided to start a band together. They recruited Buzz Osborne of The Melvins on guitar and Napalm Death’s Danny Herrera on drums and recorded their debut Retroactive Abortion (2004) on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings.


    Retroactive Abortion
    Release Date : 2004

    Contains a video in Quicktime format.

    Venomous Concept Biography

    Venomous Concept is a hardcore punk "supergroup" formed in 2003 by bassist [a=Shane Embury] ([a=Napalm Death]), guitarist [a=King Buzzo] ([a=Melvins], [a=Fantômas]), vocalist [a=Kevin Sharp] ([a=Brutal Truth]) and drummer [a=Danny Herrera] ([a=Napalm Death]). They released "Retroactive Abortion" in 2004 on Ipecac Records. Sometime after the release, King Buzzo left the group and bassist [a=Danny Lilker] ([a=Stormtroopers Of Death], [a=Nuclear Assault], [a=Brutal Truth]) joined, with Shane Embury moving from bass to guitar.

    The band's name is a nod to [a=Poison Idea].


    Venomous Concept is an extremely fast punk band started by members of Napalm Death, Melvins and Brutal Truth. The name itself is a play on Poison Idea, whose intense, loud hardcore is one of their main influences, together with bands as Discharge and GISM.

    Venomous Concept is the brainchild of Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Lock Up), and Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth). The idea was tossed around while Embury was in the states after touring Napalm Death’s “Order of the Leech” album. After the tour ended he visited some old friends. One of them was Sharp. The two discussed the idea of starting a band that had no rules, much like old school hardcore punk bands. Originally Mick Harris, former drummer for Napalm Death was slated to be the drummer for Venomous Concept, but instead Danny Herrera (current drummer for Napalm Death) took the spot. To complete the line-up Buzz Osborne (Melvins, Fantomas) was asked to play guitar.

    Their first full length, "Retroactive Abortion," was recorded in 2003. The bandmates themselves paid for the recording of the album, “that way they record whatever they want, whenever they want... they are uncontrolled by labels... they produce their own music, art and media”. Once the album was recorded they shopped it around for a record deal. Ipecac released the album in 2004, at Osborne's suggestion.

    Venomous Concept has currently played only once live, a show which occurred sometime in late 2005 .

    In 2006 the band released a split with Japanese grindcore band 324.

    Osborne later left the band due to time commitments, and was replaced by Danny Liker (Brutal Truth, S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Anthrax)

    The line up of the band currently consists of Kevin Sharp on vocals, Shane Embury on guitar, Danny Lilker on bass guitar, Danny Herrera on drums.

    The band released a second full-length album in March 2008,Poisoned Apple, their first for Century Media.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Ipecac Recordings

    "Making people sick since 1999"
    Founded by Greg Werckman & Mike Patton.

    Please be aware of the following which pertains to the country or region of marketing of certain Ipecac Recordings releases.

    Until November 2000 Ipecac Recordings had no European distributor. People had to import the items from the Ipecac website in the USA or buy from American stores online or an importer. At this time Caroline Distribution in the USA handled almost everything for them (there are few exceptions).

    Between 2001 and 2006 European editions were manufactured and distributed by Southern Records, which is marked on the rear sleeve (US copies were still are marked Caroline Distribution).

    In 2006 Ipecac signed an exclusive distribution deal with Fontana for both Europe and the USA.

    Please be mindful of the Caroline Distribution and Southern/Southern Records roles when assigning the country of an Ipecac Recordings release.

    IPC-9 was supposed to be a live album by the Ministry titled "Ministry Live: Psalm 69 Tour", but it was eventually scrapped.
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