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Swedish Various Artists - Brand 100 År Av Frihetlig Socialism (1998)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Starfighter, May 10, 2022.

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    Feb 16, 2011
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    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    This is part of my project to archive some really obscure music that probably will disappear with me when I die if I don't upload it. Search term to see the rest of the project uploads: STARFIGHTEROBSCURE

    This is an oddity. Well, the bands on the disc might not be obscure - I bet many of you will recognice a majority of the names - but this compilation as it stands is very uncommon. It was released in 1998 by the largest swedish anarchist magazine, Brand. No copyright, no bullshit. It's a mix of genres and origins but pretty much everything is some sort of punk and a lot of the bands are from sweden so I decided to post this under "international anarcho-punk".


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    MP3 | CBR 320 kbps | 118,8 MB

    1. Anarkafeministisk Kör, Göteborg - Till Barrikaderna
    2. Ates - We Don't Need A Dialogue
    3. Burning Kitchen - Why Communication Is Charged
    4. Candysuck - Burn
    5. Confirmed Kill - Chains Of Production
    6. Distorted Blue - Mumbo Jumbo
    7. Last Match - Private Eye
    8. Molly - Go Move Shift
    9. Monster - No Factory
    10. Oi Polloi - Boot Down The Door
    11. Operation - Anarki... Alternativ
    12. Refused - Ode To Dischord
    13. Saidiwas - Pigs
    14. Sailorman - The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
    15. Separation - Division
    16. Serial Cynic - The Great Conspiracy
    17. Vanguard - Non Forgotten

    Ripped with dBpoweramp 17.1 and converted to MP3 with Switch Plus 9.21.

    Discogs: Various - Brand - 100 År Av Frihetlig Socialism
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    Various Artists Biography

    Warning! Deleting this artist may remove other artists and scrobbles from your library - please handle with caution! Note: You can view albums tagged as 'Various Artists' in your library here.

    The term Various Artists is used in the record industry when numerous singers and musicians collaborate on a song or collection of songs. Most often on Last.fm, compilation album tracks appear under the name of Various Artists erroneously because the individual artist is not listed in the album's ID3 information.

    Sometimes, single releases may be credited to Various Artists when their profits are going to charity and, usually in high-profile cases, are sometimes known by a group name. Examples include Band Aid with their releases of Do They Know It's Christmas? and USA for Africa with We Are The World.

    Various Artists is also an actual performance name for Torsten Pröfrock, who runs the German DIN label. Torsten performs also as Dynamo, Erosion, Resilent, Traktor besides some others. He's a good friend of Robert Henke and since fall 2004 he is a member of Monolake.

    Various Artistswere also a short-lived Bristol punk band formed by brothers Jonjo and Robin Key (originally from Birmingham). Other members were also simultaneously in Art Objects who went on to become The Blue Aeroplanes, the latter the Key brothers also co-wrote some songs and were involved in. When Various Artists imploded, the Key brothers went on to form Either / Or.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.
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    Grateful as always! Thank You!

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