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Vakna-Sworn of Sorrow

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 7in_crust, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2017
    Vakna is a three man band from Indonesia and Sworn of Sorrow is threir second release, a cassette released by Jakarta based Doombringer Records. The Amebix logo and even the artwork will mislead you because Vakna is not a crust/metallic crust/black metal band but rather a Discharge/Wolfpack hybrid bringing also infuences from Japanese and South American scene and all these under a gloomy surface and a veil of darkness that add a hint of black metal increased by the cover artwork. Running time is 19 minutes of D-beat hardcore crust in eight songs including a cover of punk veterans Peace Or Annihilation, delivered through the crunchy guitar, sinister vocals and the usual D-beat drumming. The cassette is available from Doombringer, Revenge Records,etc, also available for streaming in bandcamp

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    Sworn Of Sorrow Ep
    Release Date : 2018

    Second EP from VAKNA, new band hailing from Cipanas, Indonesia. 8 songs of intense mix between hardcore and crustpunk, in the veins of 90's crust bands. Raucous growls, constant beat and straightforward riffs.

    Label - Doombringer Records

    Extreme Underground music label from Indonesia.