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German VA - Hardcore Power Music Part 2 LP (Germany1984)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Spike one of many, Oct 16, 2022.

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    01.RAZZIA - Unterwegs In Sachen Selbstmord.mp3
    02.AUSBRUCH - Kämpf Um Dein Recht.mp3
    03.INFERNO - Thema S..mp3
    04.KOMMANDO SCHWARZER FREITAG - Den Nächsten Krieg Gewinnt Der Tod.mp3
    05.MANIACS - Wir Haben Was Zu Sagen.mp3
    06.THE IDIOTS - Samstag Nacht.mp3
    07.LUSTFINGER - Bundespräsident.mp3
    08.SCHLUCKSPECHTE - Alkoholkonsum.mp3
    09.KOMMANDO SCHWARZER FREITAG - Kommissar Winter.mp3
    10.INFERNO - Ein Tag Im Schatten.mp3
    11.MANIACS - Weltkrieg.mp3
    12.AUSBRUCH - Deutscher Eid.mp3
    13.TIN CAN ARMY - Verweigerung Total.mp3
    14.RAZZIA - Kreuz Oder Kopf.mp3
    15.MOTTEK - Zuviel Ist Nicht Genug.mp3
    16.MANIACS - Diese Stadt.mp3
    17.KOMMANDO SCHWARZER FREITAG - Liebe & Hass.mp3
    18.TIN CAN ARMY - Führer Befiehl (Bonus Track).mp3
    19.NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES - Tradition (Bonus Track).mp3
    20.CIRCLE OF SIG TIU - Schwarze Raben (Bonus Track).mp3
    21.ZERSTÖRTE JUGEND - Das Leben (Bonus Track).mp3


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    I added the last 4 tracks as bonus tracks because why not ??
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    Discografia Completa - Una Sonrisa A La Musica Ruidosa 2020
    Release Date : 2021

    Translucent green shell cassette with stamps 'a' and 'b' side designations. Photocopied single sided two panel j-card with additional photocopied insert.[from insert:] "All songs are recorded during 2020 at Jackie Rec., Amazter Studios. Recording and editing by Mr. Mick R. under license from [l689079]."

    VA Biography

    DIY noisecore band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Active from 2020.

    According to the liner notes to V.A.'s debut album, One by One, the initials in the group's name stand for "Very Artistic." After listening to their debut, V.A. should stand for "Very Average." Like too many R&B male vocal groups before them, V.A. breaks out every tired romantic cliché and transforms them into an entirely forgettable debut. While the trio shows glimpses of vocal ability, that ability is washed out by production that manages to be both boring and overbearing. The group relies on the production team of the Characters, who have had past successes with artist such as Tyrese and Brian McKnight. It seems the Characters are saving their top material for those more established artists and are using their leftover tracks for V.A. On top of the tepid production, they tacked on meaningless lyrics to songs such as "Breathe" and "I Want You for Myself." Perhaps if V.A. was given some better material to work with they would be able to come close to reaching their potential. But after listening to One by One, it's hard to imagine how this group could have anything new to offer.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Wet Cassettes

    Limited release label putting out weirdo and improvised noise/punk/other since 2018.
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    Awesome! Thanks Mate! aint ashamed
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