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VA - Green Black Metal

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by Hayduke, Jan 23, 2022.

  1. Hayduke

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    Dec 14, 2012
    40 black metal bands focused on environmentalism from the perspective of different philosophical directions. Except for the far right and the like. Socially oriented eco-anarchists, RABM greens, eco-nihilists... this is underground rage! Each band has one song here.

    (This is not a commercial compilation. It's just my homemade playlist of environmentalist provegan antinazi black metal to listen to. Text is in Slovak language.)

    01) The Secret - Seven Billion Graves
    02) Human Serpent - Anti-Human Propaganda
    03) Lerna - Tambores ancestrais que chamam pra guerra
    04) Corubo - Awêre para Kisile
    05) Botanist - Biomass
    06) Ives - Lost in the Pleasures of Moonlight
    07) Guthmensch - Hands Reaching out of Cages
    08) Belegost - Civilizational Downfall
    09) Kruh - Hněv Matky Země
    10) Circle of Vultures - Heaven in Flames
    11) Siechtum - Eine grausame Geburt
    12) Skarntyde - Jakten
    13) Seas of Winter - Seeking Solace in Hopelessness
    14) Wildspeaker - Renewal
    15) Storm of Sedition - Howl of Dynamite
    16) Bury them and Keep Quiet - Cosmic Ashes
    17) Mournhel - Inflicted by Misery
    18) Glistening - Animal Flesh & Secretions
    19) Ökomisanthrop - Esst Mehr Menschen
    20) Pessimista - Anarquia
    21) Sofrimento - Putrescência dos Desejos
    22) Leper - Decivilize
    23) Solitarian - Blood of Thine Enemies
    24) The Dead Musician - Freedom Territories
    25) Agowilt - A Song for Savages (A Declaration Against Progress)
    26) Tiffo - Uni-vos
    27) Brache - Kahlschlag
    28) Book of Sand - This World Must be Destroyed
    29) Din of Awakening - Begotten
    30) Posledná minúta - Totalitárne oslobodenie
    31) Political Terror - Clouded Actions
    32) Printemps Noir - The Anguish of No Future
    33) Cuscuta - On My Deathbed
    34) Wisent - Hvidøen
    35) Noth - Vegetarian Extremism
    36) Worthless and Alone - Worthless and Alone
    37) The Dark Wizard Rintrah - Revenge of the Beasts
    38) GravislatrO - Muros de dolor sobre asfalto de sangre
    39) Green Destroyed - Doomed to Extinction
    40) Sacrificial Totem - Kurghan

    Green Black Metal vol1 (2021).rar


    Black Harvest
    Release Date : 2021

    Recorded at Giant Wafer Studios and St Padarn's Church, Llanbadarn FynyddCatalog number on cover spine says SVART285 but catalog number on record label says SVART285LPHype sticker on plastic wrap: The much anticipated sequel to the critically-acclaimed debut album Woodland Rites. "This is heavy metal how it should be done." - The GuardianGatefold sleeve, includes a large 8 page booklet and A

    VA Biography

    A heavy psych band from South London, comprised of vocalist Tom Templar, guitarist Scott Black, bassist Andrew Cave, drummer Matt Wiseman and organist John Wright.

    Band members: Tom Templar, Matthew Wiseman (2), John Wright (41), Scott Masson (2), Joseph Ghast
    Band ex-members: , Andrew Cave

    According to the liner notes to V.A.'s debut album, One by One, the initials in the group's name stand for "Very Artistic." After listening to their debut, V.A. should stand for "Very Average." Like too many R&B male vocal groups before them, V.A. breaks out every tired romantic cliché and transforms them into an entirely forgettable debut. While the trio shows glimpses of vocal ability, that ability is washed out by production that manages to be both boring and overbearing. The group relies on the production team of the Characters, who have had past successes with artist such as Tyrese and Brian McKnight. It seems the Characters are saving their top material for those more established artists and are using their leftover tracks for V.A. On top of the tepid production, they tacked on meaningless lyrics to songs such as "Breathe" and "I Want You for Myself." Perhaps if V.A. was given some better material to work with they would be able to come close to reaching their potential. But after listening to One by One, it's hard to imagine how this group could have anything new to offer.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Svart Records

    Finnish label, established in Turku in 2009 by a4628212 and Tomi Pulkki, specializing in re-releasing underground music on vinyl.

    Label Series: Jazz Liisa, Pop-Liisa
  2. aint ashamed

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    Aug 22, 2010
     United States
    Normally I'm not much of a metal fan, except for DOOM METAL / and SLUDGE,
    but this is different, and definitely works for me. NON COMMERCIAL METAL WITH
    A MESSAGE! Well done sir! BRAVO! aint ashamed
  3. Hayduke

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    Dec 14, 2012
  4. Hayduke

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    Dec 14, 2012
  5. Starfighter

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male, 37 years old
    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    I love black metal, thank you for this! Downloading as I'm typing this. A lot of bands I've never heard of!

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