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# V/A Weird Noise EP

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anxiety69, Nov 4, 2009.

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    http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ktyglnmy ... dnoise.zip

    The Sell-Outs were a band led by Fuck Off records supremo Jonathan Barnett. The line up on the record is Jonathan on vocals, Steve Lake on detuned bass, Mark Mob of the Mob on detuned guitar and Kiff-Kiff from World Domination Enterprises and the 012 on drums. Jonathan and Kiff-Kiff detuned the instruments and asked us to make a random unholy row while Jonathan screamed his lyrics about running a budget record label whilst signing on the dole and trying to exploit (in a very small time way) the resources of larger record companies. The aim, as with most of these things, seemed to be to help bring about the demise of the record industry and there after the whole global capitalist, military industrial complex; to tap into some creative, life/art/spirit force through spontaneity and improvisation; and in the process try to make Jonathan the star he really should have been. The whole enterprise was doomed sadly. The track was truly awful, though the E.P. it comes from did have some amusing tracks by Danny & the Dressmakers and a good track by the 012. It also contained a track each by the 'Door and the Window' and the Instant Automatons ("Electronic Music"). Instant Automatons Bass Player and composer Protag now plays bass in the reactivated ZOUNDS.

    1 The 012 - Fish From Tahiti
    2 Danny & The Dressmakers - Cathy and Claire
    3 The Sell Outs - Ballad Of Fuck Off Records
    4 Danny & The Dressmakers - The Truth About Unemployment
    5 The Door And The Window - Number One Entertainer
    6 Danny & The Dressmakers - Legalise Vimto
    7 Danny & The Dressmakers - Hey Ho My Cholesterol Level Is Low
    8 The Instant Automatons - Electronic Music
    9 Danny & The Dressmakers - Don't Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker


    Controlled Demolition
    Release Date : 2003

    This is the first release of the Demolition series. It comes in a Super Jewel Box Standard Fliptray. Title is given as "Controlled Demolition" on front cover and simply as "Demolition" everywhere else. The catalog number T3RDM0004 is associated with this release on the Third Movement website, but it doesn't appear on the release itself.From inside artwork: "Hardcore like it is meant to be" F

    Label - The Third Movement

    In the year 2001 Sebastian Hoff (a.k.a. Promo) and Martijn Mobron (a.k.a. DJ X-ess), friends and colleagues at ID&T, left the label to start their own label: "The Third Movement". Record company is The Third Movement B.V..

    Industrial Movement is a joint venture of The Third Movement and Industrial Strength Records, managed by Lenny Dee & Promo.

    Some of the early The Third Movement releases are "missing" in the catalog listing, since they were released on other labels. Don't add these "missing" releases to the The Third Movement catalog, since they do not have The Third Movement catalog numbers.

    The following releases are "missing":
    T3RDM-00002 was released on Samurai Records as SAMU 023 (r=32535).
    T3RDM-00007 was released on Bzrk Records as BZRK 026 (r=23850).
    T3RDM-00015 was released on Bzrk Records as BZRK 031 (r=23852).

    bAudio Output/b Series covering the Audio Output CDs.
    bCatscan LTD./b followed up on Pro Artist Management
    bDemolition/b Series covering the Demolition CD (and Vinyl Sampler) releases.
    bPromo File/b Promo's first own series, from File 007 a part of The Third Movement.
    bPromo Type/b The follow up label from the well known Promo Files.
    bPromo Style/b Promo's third series.
    br_AW Records/b Rude Awakening's release series
    br_AW Essential/b Series covering the r_AW Essential mixed CD releases.