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    Aug 7, 2009


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    los crudos - 01 - tiempos de la miseria.mp3
    los crudos - 02 - se ve en tu cara.mp3
    los crudos - 03 - cipayos traidores y vendidos.mp3
    los crudos - 04 - lucha para que te escuchen.mp3
    los crudos - 05 - desde afuera.mp3
    los crudos - 06 - lengua armada.mp3
    los crudos - 07 - llegan empujando.mp3
    los crudos - 08 - porque.mp3
    los crudos - 09 - me robarron.mp3
    los crudos - 10 - nada cambia.mp3
    los crudos - 11 - .....mp3
    los crudos - 12 - 500 anos.mp3
    los crudos - 13 - eliminacion.mp3
    los crudos - 14 - peleamos.mp3
    los crudos - 15 - asesinos.mp3
    los crudos - 16 - que paso con la paz.mp3
    los crudos - 17 - crudo soy.mp3
    los crudos - 18 - sin caras.mp3
    los crudos - 19 - las madres lloran.mp3
    los crudos - 20 - identidad perdida.mp3
    los crudos - 21 - tu lo ensenaste.mp3
    los crudos - 22 - vendedores de dolor.mp3
    los crudos - 23 - curiosidad.mp3
    los crudos - 24 - ahora quien se quejan.mp3
    los crudos - 25 - corrido jodido.mp3
    los crudos - 26 - escaleras.mp3
    los crudos - 27 - no estoy convencido.mp3
    los crudos - 28 - ilegal y que.mp3
    los crudos - los primeros gritos.jpg
    los crudos - los primeros gritos.m3u


    1991-1995 Los Primeros Gritos
    Release Date : 1998

    Compilation of 7" singles. Cover is a 16-page booklet.Done in a Pentium-150 PC, using QuarkXpress 3.3 for PC, Photo Plus, Paragon 600 II N scanner and Iomega Zip 100 unit. Filmed in Norte Color Gijón. Pressed in Gramofonove Czech Republik. Printed in Lidergraf Gijón. Freighted by Servipack. Copyleft 1998."This record is a co-operation of the European Hardcore Punk DIY Network. [...] First E

    LOS CRUDOS Biography

    DIY political hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois fronted by vocalist Martin Sorrondeguy. All of the band members were of Latino descent and all of their lyrics were in Spanish. They formed in 1991 and their last show was in October 1998.

    After Los Crudos broke up, lead vocalist Martin Sorrondeguy formed a hardcore band consisting of all gay members called [a1021841].

    Martin also started the DIY label [l48441] to release Los Crudos records and those of other Chicago bands.

    Band members: Martin Sorrondeguy, Ebro Virumbrales, José Casas, Juan Jimenez (2)
    Band ex-members: , Bryan (11), Joel Martinez, Oscar Chavez (2), Lenin (2)

    Los Crudos is an American hardcore punk band, prominent during the 1990s. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, all four members were Latino, so Los Crudos chose to sing almost all of their songs in Spanish. In addition, the band was extremely political; its leftist lyrics often commented on cultural and socio-economic difficulties inherent in the American way of life. Los Crudos incorporated DIY ethics into every aspect of the band including promoting and organizing shows, producing records, distribution, and so on. This even included tours of Mexico and South America. The band's recordings appeared on independent record labels such as Flat Earth Records and lead singer Martin Sorrondeguy's label Lengua Armada Discos.

    In 2004, Martin Sorrondeguy released his documentary film Beyond The Screams: A U.S. Latino Hardcore Punk Documentary, which focused on the Latino punk scene in the US. After Los Crudos came to an end, Sorrondeguy formed a new band, Limp Wrist, a queercore and straight edge band with which he performs. He has also been in the bands Harto and Tragatelo, as well. Guitarist Jose has gone onto play in Chicago punk bands I Attack and Kontaminat. Their last drummer Ebro was also in Charles Bronson, MK-Ultra and Punch In the Face.

    Los Crudos did a surprise reunion show at the first "Latino Fest" put on by Southkore records in Chicago. They also played a reunion show at Chaos in Tejas 2008 and are scheduled to play the 3rd Latino Fest in Los Angeles.

    Along with Limp Wrist, Martin is also in NN and Needles.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Don't Belong

    Could also appear as "Don't Belong Records".
    Punk hardcore label run by Uge. In 2002 the label became Throne Records.