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Swedish Uncle Charles - In Crust We Trust (2004)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Starfighter, Jul 18, 2022.

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male, 36 years old
    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    MP3 | CBR 320 kbps | 49 MB

    01 Alltid Ett Finger Med I Spelet.mp3
    02 Er Frihet....mp3
    03 Värdighet Kostar Pengar.mp3
    04 Förändrad=Förlorad.mp3
    05 Nostalgi.mp3
    06 Den Bistra Sanningen.mp3
    07 Bit Inte Handen Som Föder Dej.mp3
    08 Yttrandefrihet.mp3
    09 Paradis - Helvete.mp3
    10 Rustning Är Ett Brott.mp3
    11 Sjukt Ideal.mp3
    12 Uncle Charles.mp3
    13 Under Storebrors Armar.mp3
    14 Noll Tolerans.mp3


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    In Crust We Trust
    Release Date : 2004

    Comes with a poster/lyric sheet

    Uncle Charles Biography

    Uncle Charles, formed in Östersund, Sweden, Played D-beat, Hardcore punk, Crust in 2002-2004
    Skitsylen from Human Waste and other band member also perform in Uncle Charles.
    Band is:
    Bass, Vocals – Skitsylen
    Drums – Hans
    Guitar – Crille, Dimman
    Vocals – J.M.K, Skitsylen, Ullis

    A crust band from Östersund, Sweden.
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Not Enough Records

    Swedish D.I.Y. hardcore punk label. Active since 2002.
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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male, 36 years old
    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    1 Alltid Ett Finger Med I Spelet / Always A Finger In The Pie

    I've heard time is money
    I've heard money equals freedom
    But what is freedom worth
    If it's only tied to money?

    Everything in life revolves around money

    I've heard success equals money
    I've heard money equals success
    But what is success worth
    If it only exists in a bankbook?

    2 Er Frihet... / Your Freedom...

    The scene has its own rules
    On how to live free
    That life isn't a freedom for everyone
    Isn't it possible to feel free anyway?

    I've got my own freedom
    And I don't need to know how it's supposed to be

    Is there such a thing as rules for freedom
    so that you could understand when you're free?
    I think I know best when I feel free
    I don't need any rules for freedom

    I've got my own freedom
    And I don't need to know how it's supposed to be

    You don't have to tell others
    How they should live their lives
    Your life fits some, others not
    Does that mean it has to be worse?

    3 Värdighet Kostar Pengar / Dignity Costs Money

    Living packages at the end of life
    When money is to be saved
    The values are changed

    Dignity costs money
    Compassion takes time

    Human needs are measured in time
    More dignity is needed
    People have to be able to die in peace

    4 Förändrad=Förlorad / Changed=Lost

    Have I become what I said I'd never be?
    Become one of those that's so easy to despise?
    When compared to what I knew, and what I believed at the time
    Then maybe that's precicely what I'm turning into

    I've got nothing to prove to you
    I've got nothing to prove to me

    Things aren't like before, feel free to wonder why
    I know why, and I know where I stand

    5 Nostalgi / Nostalgia

    Where did all the punx go
    What happened to our hardcore scene
    Östersund -95
    Digestives lair was our second home

    Old times are but memories
    Nostalgia - we want to go back

    6 Den Bistra Sanningen / The Bitter Truth

    Everyone put up demands, I become my own slave
    The expectations are great, all eyes on me

    The bitter truth, the false reality

    The pressure gets too much, much more than you think
    I don't have the strength to do everything myself any longer

    7 Bit Inte Handen Som Föder Dej / Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You

    Inside the house painted in red
    He takes on his role as a responsible dad
    The daughter is met with hard blows
    She has her dad to thank for her anxiety

    Don't bite the hand that feeds you

    Behind the door to one of the house's rooms
    The dad does what's needed to still his desire
    With belt and vaseline he disturbs the son's sleep
    He gets no chance to escape his misery

    8 Yttrandefrihet? / Freedom Of Speech?

    Thrown in jail for opinions
    Locked up behind bars

    The state makes an example
    Political prisoners in our justice system

    9 Paradis - Helvete / Paradise - Hell

    I created my own religion
    I had my own god
    Closed my eyes to reality
    But blindly obeyed him

    The paradise at the bottom of the bottle
    The hell at the bottom of the bottle

    I created my own devil
    I had my own hell
    Was controlled against my will
    But blindly obeyed him

    I hated you - I loved you

    10 Rustning Är Ett Brott / The Arms Race Is A Crime (Mob 47 cover)

    Every other second a human dies
    From starvation or the lack of medicine

    The arms race is a crime
    The arms race is a crime against all the starving

    If you paused the arms race for four days
    We'd solve world hunger

    11 Sjukt Ideal / Sick Ideal

    Beauty is blinding the beholders eyes
    We'll never see what's hidden behind the mask
    Exploited, tricked by a sick industry
    When age shows it's face the career is over

    A sick ideal, portrayed by the media
    They're depleted and thrown away
    What do they have left when the career is over?

    Promises are made of money, glitter and glamour
    But when reality catches up it's too late
    Depleted and discarded by a sick industry
    A psychological wreck when the career is over

    12 Uncle Charles

    We hate the cops
    We're politically correct
    If you fuck with us
    You get your nose broken

    13 Under Storebrors Armar / Under the Arms Of Big Brother

    Several buildings are being demolished daily in Palestine
    But in that case neither you nor I are expected to stay silent

    They speak on our behalf, they control our lives
    The world police, fucking pigs!

    USA, double standard

    When two buildings were blown up september 11th in USA
    The whole world was expected to have a moment of silence

    Crush USA

    14 Noll Tolerans / Zero Tolerance

    Camouflaged in ties and suits
    They spread false propaganda
    We have to act before it's too late

    Zero tolerance

    There's a lot of people keeping their eyes closed and don't care
    But united we'll crush the fascism
    So raise your voices and hit back
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    Aug 22, 2010
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    Thanks Much, As Always! aint aashamed

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