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UK Subs - Another Kind of Blues + Bonus Tracks - 1979 (England)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 1xAntifa, Dec 27, 2019.

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    Nov 22, 2019
    Victoria, Australia Australia
    another kind of blues uk subs.zip

    To access hit zip extractor and enter your email. It should work. If not please PM me. It's costing me $$ and is pointless if I cannot share. If you download please give some feedback, a like, thumbs up or comment, so I can ascertain what to upload next. Thanks

    The U.K. Subs are an English punk band, among the earliest in the first wave of British punk.[2] Formed in 1976,[3] the mainstay of the band has been vocalist Charlie Harper, originally a singer in Britain's R&B scene. They were also one of the first street punk bands. Another Kind of Blues is the first studio album released by English punk band, the U.K. Subs. It was released in the UK on 14 September 1979 on GEM Records, a subsidiary of RCA.[2] It is considered as a classic from the punk era.. The style of music borrows heavily from blues and rock'n'roll but infused much of the energy and social commentary that was shaping the wider punk rock scene.

    File 50MB

    1 C.I.D. 2:11
    2 I Couldn't Be You
    Presley* 2:07
    3 I Live In A Car 1:36
    4 Tomorrows Girls 2:23
    5 Killer 1:29
    6 World War 1:23
    7 Rockers 3:36
    8 I.O.D. 1:24
    9 T.V.Blues 2:08
    10 Blues 1:50
    11 Lady Esquire 1:58
    12 All I Wanna Know 1:46
    13 Crash CourseWritten-By – McCoy* 1:43
    14 Young Criminals 2:20
    15 B.I.C. 1:37
    16 Disease 1:26
    17 Stranglehold 1:57
    Bonus Tracks
    18 C.I.D. (Single Version) 1:55
    19 I Live In A Car (Single Version) 1:26
    20 B.I.C. (Single Version) 1:34
    21 Stranglehold (Single Version) 2:28
    22 World War (Single Version) 1:08
    23 Rockers (Single Version) 2:09
    24 Scum Of The Earth 2:18
    25 Telephone Numbers 1:05

    UK Subs



    The Albums Volume 1 A-M
    Release Date : 2018

    Featuring 279 tracks, this 15 disc box set covers the years 1979-91 and the albums A to M from seminal punk legends The U.K. Subs. With two bonus discs of non LP singles and rare compilation cuts Vol.1 comes complete with an authentic Charlie Harper signed U.K. Subs fan club membership card. Limited to 1000 copies.

    UK Subs Biography

    The UK Subs were another group that emerged from the scene at The Roxy in London in 1977. Founder and Lead Vocalist Charlie Harper was playing in R&B and pub rock groups before being influenced by bands like The Damned to turn to punk.

    The band was based around Harper's growling Cockney vocals with Nicky Garratt on Guitar, Paul Slack on Bass and a variety of drummers. Although adopting punk stylings, the bands work was still heavily influenced by R&B, albeit played fast. Their sound was most similar to Sham 69 or The Angelic Upstarts, although without the skinhead following

    Whilst never having a big hit, several singles made the lower reaches of the Top 30 in the late 70s, including "Stranglehold", "Tomorrow's Girls", a cover of The Zombies classic "She's Not There" and "Warhead". The first two studio LPs "Another Kind of Blues" and "Brand New Age" also made the lower reaches of the album charts.

    In 1983 Nicky Garratt left the band along with bass player Alvin Gibbs and then drummer Kim Wylie leaving Charlie Harper to recruit a whole new band.

    Garratt would come back in and out of the line-up over the following 25 years whilst Charlie carried on touring and recording with an almost ever changing line-up.

    The UK Subs are the only band to record an album for every letter of the alphabet, in order, reaching Z (Ziezo) in 2016.

    Formed in 1976, as the UK Subversives, in London, United Kingdom the original line up consisted of Harper, Nicky Garrett (guitar), Pete Davies (drums) and Paul Slack (bass), although the line-up of the band changed frequently. Their style combined the energy of punk and the rock and roll edge of the then thriving pub rock scene.

    Early success was found with singles such as "Warhead", "I Live in a Car", and "Tomorrow's Girls", with several of their songs managing to enter the United Kingdom's Top Forty. Their biggest selling album came with 1980's Crash Course.

    With the arrival of new bassist Alvin Gibbs and drummer Steve Roberts in the early 1980s, the songs took on a heavier sound, faster, better quality. But always the punk views. The band has continued to perform, being one of the last surviving bands of Britain's punk era. They have toured constantly over the years.

    Now in 2015, with the addiition of Jet on guitar and Jamie Oliver on drums, UK Subs have just released their 25th studio album 'Yellow Leader' to a crescendo of critical acclaim, bringing the band to the final step in their 40 year old mission - to record and release every official album in alphabetical order from A to Z.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Edsel Records

    Edsel is one of the longest established re-issue labels in the world.
    Large catalogue of rock, soul, r&b, psychedelia, country, blues and folk.
    Home of the classic catalogues of a255047, a126430, a25261 & the l11910 label including a41105, a163490 and a61588.
    All releases put together by experts and serious fan alike.


    Angelic Upstarts

    Anti-Nowhere League

    The Vibrators

    Peter and the Test Tube Babies

    Cockney Rejects
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    I can't comment too much abut The U.K. Subs because I'm biased, but I CAN tell you that 25 years ago, I traveled down to Atlanta, Georgia just to see The U.K. Subs on my 30th birthday, and drank with Charlie Harper all night. I can also tell you he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. AND He's a Grateful Dead fan, and has a Steal Your Face tattoo on his left bicep. I've got all this stuff already, but early pre 1985 U.K. Subs is ESSENTIAL!
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    Nov 22, 2019
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    DOUBLE CONCUR!! aint ashamed

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