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Turquoise - Hantise - 2021 (France)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by pogo pope, Apr 12, 2021.

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    Mar 17, 2021
    Brittany, France 
    Hantise, by TURQUOISE


    Track List :

    01 Arbeit
    02 Lambda
    03 Si Uniques?
    04 Hantise De Vivre
    05 Détestable
    06 Lâcheté
    07 Dissonance
    08 Apocalypse

    First album by this hardcore punk unit from Paris/suburbs, created in 2018 after guitarist Romain came back from the British Isles. 8 tracks of classic scandinavian d-beat à la Totalitär, with lyrics exclusively in french, tackling "vanity, blindness and selfishness that define postmodern lifestyles" (copy/pasted from the diyconspiracy.net article about the mini LP cause I'm lazy). All I can add is that these guys are awesome live, and they are one of the french bands I can't wait to see live again whenever it will be possible.
    With members of Krigskade, Barren?, Ansiax, Rats Blood and High Vis.


    Release Date : 2021

    540 copies on turquoise vinyl color +Riso Insert A3

    Turquoise Biography

    Hardcore punk band from Paris, France.

    Band members: Romain Bruneau, Romain (30), Jean-Phi (2)

    There are several artists called Turquoise.

    1. Turquoise is a French d-beat/crust punk group.

    2. Turquoise was a British pop-psych group who only officially released two singles in their short existence as a band, but the four songs on those two releases became beloved by collectors of the genre, and led to a complete album of the band's surviving recordings being released some 40 years later. The group, who initially called themselves the Brood, was formed in North London's Muswell Hill area in 1966 by Jeff Peters, Ewan Stephens, and Vic Jansen (a fourth member, Barry Hart, was added later), who were all friends and neighbors of the Kinks' Ray and Dave Davies. Dave Davies produced a batch of demos for the Brood in 1966, and a second batch was produced by the Who's Keith Moon and John Entwistle a year later in 1967. Eventually the Brood was signed to Decca Records, and after a name change to Turquoise, released two wonderful double-sided singles, "'53 Summer Street"/"Tales of Flossie Fillett" and "Woodstock"/"Saynia," but neither release really took off, and the band called it quits in 1969. Peters and Hart went on to form Slowbone, releasing an album, Tales of a Crooked Man, in 1974. Collectors of the Kinks/Who/Small Faces/Move style of 1960s British pop discovered the two singles, however, and Turquoise became a sort of long-lost cult band, resulting in Rev-Ola releasing all of the Brood's and Turquoise's surviving demos, alternate takes, and of course, the two singles, on disc in 2006 as The Further Adventures of Flossie Fillett: The Complete Recordings. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide

    3. Turquoise is a Polish progressive rock outfit, featuring members of Quidam. A review of 2 of their releases is featured on Musical Discoveries.

    4. Turquoise is a short lived progressive rock group, active throughout the 1970's. The group is perhaps best known for having legendary talk show host, Morton Downey Jr., as the frontman. The group only released one single, "Lonely Man".

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Symphony Of Destruction

    D.I.Y. Analog Crust/Punk label and distributor from Brittany/France.


    Tintern Abbey

    Virgin Sleep

    Curiosity Shoppe

    Toby Twirl

    23rd Turnoff

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