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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IamMe, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. IamMe

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    Dec 29, 2012
     United Kingdom
    any one out there who is intrested in traveling around wales mainly by foot for the summer or any one got any stories to tell about traveling around britain. i would love some company during my travels and also doing a bit of WWOOFing \m/

  2. Fork Me

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    Jun 26, 2013
    I'm not coming with you, but I can give you some advice about travelling around Wales.

    1) Wales is beautiful! The mountains are amazing.
    2) The Wlesh are much maligned, MOST, in my experience, are friendly, but some aren't. They're normally easy to spot, they're the ones who will speak English in a pub, shop or cafe until you walk in and then start talking Welsh just so you can't understand them.
    3) If you're going off the beaten track and into smaller villages, try and learn a bit of Welsh before you go, even if only simple greeting, please, thankyou etc. It will go a long way into getting you into people's good books that you have made the effort.
    4) If you're going into the mountains (and you should, they are amazing), be aware that once you're high up it will get VERY VERY cold at night, if you're camping you will need several layers and a warm sleeping bag if you want to get any sleep!
    5) Watch out for the big cities (Cardiff and Swansea in particular) at night. They're not that much more dangerous than any big cities, but some of the townie/chav element can get violent for no reason against anyone that "looks different". Neither city has much of a punk scene any more, but there are still places to go. These people can probably help you out (maybe even with a floor to crash on) if you're planning to be in Cardiff. http://southwalesanarchists.wordpress.com/
    6) Hitching isn't particularly safe or easy in the UK these days. Hitching on motorways is illegal and the police may well move you on or arrest you if you try. Your best bet is still lorry drivers if you do take this route.
    7) If you have plenty of time (and you're fit enough) one of the few good things the UK government have tried to do over the last few years is open up cycle routes all over the country. Many of them follow old bridle paths through countryside, and cycling round can be a good way to see the country.
    8) The British train network is now ludicrously expensive, but if you ARE planning on using trains it is a LOT cheaper to buy tickets in advance on the Internet than it is to buy them at stations. Just check the conditions. It is a lot harder to jump trains for free now, all the rail companies are clamping down on this. The coach network however, is still relatively cheap.

    I hope this helps. I have travelled extensively in England and less so, but a fair bit in Wales. Feel free to ask any more specific questions you have and if I can help I will.