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Swedish Totalt Jävla Mörker & Human Waste - 2xEP (2006)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Starfighter, Jul 22, 2022.

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male , 37 years old
    Malmö, Sweden  Sweden

    Totalt Jävla Mörker
    01 Lögnen Blir Sanningen, Och Sanningen Är Subjektiv.mp3
    02 Sex Sex Sex.mp3
    03 Genom Historiens Kikarsikte.mp3
    04 En Folkhemsk Idyll.mp3

    Human Waste
    05 Ondskan I Mänsklig Skepnad.mp3
    06 På Gränsen Till Nervsammanbrott.mp3
    07 A-Kassa Kommer Fan Inte Gratis.mp3
    08 You Got That Right Punk.mp3


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  2. Starfighter

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male , 37 years old
    Malmö, Sweden  Sweden
    1 Lögnen Blir Sanningen, Och Sanningen Är Subjektiv / The Lie Becomes The Truth, And The Truth Is Subjective

    No, do we want it like this?
    Reality angled from your own sphere
    The truth gets subjective
    When the picture we see is from your own life
    A fucking easy to swallow version is created
    A one way ticket with a simple vision
    No, how did it come to this?
    Objectivity aside for a career
    The lie becomes the truth
    When every victim is in the papers
    The lie becomes the truth, and the truth is subjective

    2 Sex Sex Sex / Six Six Six

    Chastity under the whip of the patriarchy
    Your sins in the ashes of hell
    Psychologically beaten bloody by the moralism
    Sexuality only promotes satanism
    Lucifer took my virginity

    3 Genom Historiens Kikarsikte / Through The Scope Of History

    Awakens to the intrusion of armored vehicles
    You're repeatedly reminded of the stench of death
    Breakfast is served with gunpowder smoke and grenades
    Our lives disappeared in a big fucking crater
    The future is shoveled away
    The flame of life is brief
    Subjected to political abortion
    Sentenced to death for good
    Exiled to three meters of final storage
    An abrupt end without warning
    A hellish fucking ethnic cleansing
    We're greeted to death by a military salute

    4 En Folkhemsk Idyll / A Welfare State Idyll

    Laid down on the rack
    Waiting for the pain to start
    Missing a binding link
    The only thing that's missing is time
    Apathetic children in a welfare state idyll
    All the shit I see, I can't comprehend
    All the shit I see, stick with facts
    You say your color is red but the ideology is dead
    Laid down on a park bench
    Waiting for the years to end
    Life, a missing link
    Get a gun, go ahead and shoot
    People in ruins, a welfare state idyll

    5 Ondskan I Mänsklig Skepnad / Evil In Human Form

    Accused to be a cold blooded murderer
    Even though he wasn't guilty of the deed
    You sifted through the scum of society
    And found your scapegoat

    Labeled, victim
    The evil in human form
    Acquitted, but despised anyway
    Because if you're convicted once your convicted for ever

    A fitting victim in your investigation
    Because of the dark past
    Acquitted by the court
    But labeled by the people
    While the real killer walks

    6 På Gränsen Till Nervsammanbrott / On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

    When I look at myself in the mirror
    I'm greeted by a stranger
    His sad eyes have lost their will
    After 25 years behind a mask
    The anxiety creep under his skin
    And no matter what he does
    Nothing can stop the feeling

    Deep down I know, so why keep up the lie
    It's me that I see, so why try to fool myself

    I fear tomorrow
    And a future characterized by uncertainty
    My thoughts keep me up
    In the cold shadow of loneliness

    Deep down I know, so why keep up the lie
    It's me that I see, so why do I still try to fool myself

    7 A-Kassa Kommer Fan Inte Gratis / Unemployment Benefits Sure As Hell Doesn't Come For Free

    I've worked my ass of nine to five
    Lived like a wage slave

    Unemployment benefits sure as hell doesn't come for free

    People see me as a parasite
    That feeds on the system
    A simple beneficiary
    That doesn't lift a finger
    I've worked off my debt
    So what gives you the right to judge me?

    8 You Got That Right Punk! (Loud Pipes cover)

    The lyrics are unfortunately not printed.
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    Aug 22, 2010
     United States
    Grateful As Always! Thanks Much Starfighter!
    aint ashamed

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