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Total Silence-Noise Punk Bombardment (τape/cd,2017)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 7in_crust, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. 7in_crust

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    Jun 14, 2017
    Another release from Total Silence, Guile's one man project : Noise Punk Bombardment is goin to come out as cassette and cd on Decapitated Records and is currently availabe in bandcamp. For those who are not familiar with the band, Total Silence is one man D-beat band from Duque De Caxias, Brazil and already has a bunch of releases under his belt. Noise Punk Bombardment brings six tracks and nearly thirteen minutes of D-beat punk full of energy and anger and simillar to Besthoven. There is an old school flavor, Guile doesn't need overdistorted guitars and endless feedback of reverb to deliver the goods. All and all this is a great release with catchy riffs and excellent sound quality, soon to pop up as cassette and cd on Decapitated Rcs.

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