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This is a help request from Italy: Fascism jumped out the trash, again.

Discussion in 'General political debates' started by JhonnyBleach, Apr 29, 2019.

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    This is a help request from Italy. Maybe you don't know what's happening in my country, but is a serious situation.
    I'm gonna do a recap, maybe you know already this, but it's important to be clear about all the things happening around me. These cannot be ignored anymore.
    Italy have a serious (but used wickedly by the right-wing) problem with refugees and migrants. They run away from country where war and poverty don't let them live, they pay criminals to be transported in little boat across the sea and land on our coast.
    But the minister Matteo Salvini, in opposition of all human rights, has "Chiuso i porti" (closed all the ports). So, all the migrants saved cannot enter Italy. All the numbers are faked, all the things he say about the facts that the migrants come with diseases, or they are terrorists, are fake and fascist news. He say that the refugees makes all the criminals problem in Italy. But, in the meantime, he don't leave they their rights, makes even impossible to them live legally. The abandoned buildings are cleared from all the people that search for a place to rest. They are forced to be criminals, because they don't have the choice to be legal. In addition the migrants are the most important part of Italian economy, because they work in the fields for less than you can imagine, under the sun or the rain. The entire Italian agrarian economy are based on the people that the government try to criminalize.
    They fakes the numbers: most of the migrants come from east-Europe, but as always, as concern me: all migrants, refugees and even traveler are welcome. No state, no borders.
    But the situation is even worst that what I explained, and I want to be clear enough for you.
    The racial laws, are a thing, again. All that I explained is the exact process that taken the Jews, the mad, the homosexuals and all to the extermination camps. Is only the beginning. In Italy the fascism (that is Illegal) is coming again outside of the trash.
    This is visible, on top of all, in the language.
    This week some people tried to make a theft. The person that saw that, got a gun (a new law permit to fire to the people that enter your house even if them are not armed!). He fired. One of the thief was injured.
    The minister Salvini said: "perhaps the boy, he should have stayed at home and watch "Ballando con le stelle" (TV program) instead of going outside, if he didn't want to be shot"
    I felt hurt, as anarchist but first as a human being, just for this words. The boy was only 16 years old, and be a criminal at that age is not fun. If you do that, is because you are forced to, by a society that don’t give you the instrument to leave peacefully. I almost cried when I heard that fascist, bully and inhuman phrase.
    And every day he keep to say things like that. He wear the suit of the police, of the army or of the firekeepers even if he, as a minister of a republic, cannot do this by law.
    Every day fascist action and posters are shown on days that are important for the history of fascism decline.

    No one say nothing. The left-wing part of the parliament is absent.

    I fear. I say that clearly: I fear, so i decided to write to all of you.

    "Make a difference is possible, every day. With examples, with thinking, with concrete action not just for the anarchist community, but for all". Like that, I used to think. But now, I feel powerless.

    All the people around me are indifferent, or colluded: there is even a difference?
    I ask you all to say something, everything that comes to your mind. I suffer from OCD, anxiety and I never leave my house for my mental problems. So, I am not into the community of resistance here in Italy. However, it didn't seems to be "so much active".

    The only think that came to my mind is to start an hashtag on Twitter and mention Salvini. If this become international, can make a difference for future changes.

    Write everything you want in the tweet but, the hashtags are these:





    This is the target account: @matteosalvinimi

    However, this is only a thought on how to move, as I don't know either how. Tell me your thoughts.
    (Keep in mind that the situation is even worse than has been described by me)

    Excuse me for my english
    Bye, Your

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Thank you Johny