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The Orange Orange u tang [for Donald Trump]

Discussion in 'D.I.Y. - Creative section' started by 1xAntifa, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. 1xAntifa

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    Nov 22, 2019
    Victoria, Australia Australia

    Short clip made in response to the killing at Charlottesburg.
    -fascist imagery
    -graphic footage from Charlottesburg
    -war images

    Note Pine Gap is a US base on oz soil that is intimately linked to the US nuclear weapons complex [along with two others]. The Marines are also based in Darwin and the US Navy regularly visits Sydney. There has also been talk of a base for US nuclear bombers to be in the Northern Territory. US bases OUT!

    The tune is a mangled mix of Fuckwit City by oz hardcore band the Cosmic Psycho's. Don't get into them as they are quite sexist at times and mainly appeal to beer drinking yobs.