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.the hc of today?

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by KnucklesAreIdlePlaythings, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. KnucklesAreIdlePlaythings

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    Mar 4, 2016
    to whoever it may interest or cause disillusion to (roughly the same) >

    Like many of you, I hope, I am an ardent listener to hc, though apparently not in its many shapes and sizes; thus it seems to me that there are a myriad of hc-variations out there, but so many of them are anything but to my liking. In real life terms and problems, it boils down to the fact that I can't seem to find any punk-shows close to my appetite for what I consider the most attractive form of hc.
    Now - humble as I may be - it's quite possible that I've perceived the definition/idea of hc in a utterly erroneous way, resulting in me trying to make a cube fit into a round hole, but let's assume that's not the case!
    In a related manner, please excuse me for trying to define the life out of music; I'm merely pursuing answers as to why every hc-punk-show I attend turns out to be a total bust from a musical perspective (almost always great energy and sweet general ambience though).
    I want to exemplify: the kind of hc I encounter at punk-shows these days displays overwhelming elements of rock (e.g. a general slower tempo, 'neat' drumming', a shortage of d-beat etc.), and it tends to be very melodic both in singing and riff'ing (e.g. singing the lyrics according to the melody of the instruments, instead of shouting/screaming/saying the lyrics in complete disregard of the melody of the instruments). It's my clear understanding that hc of course has elements of various sidelining genres, sub- and umbrella-genres as well (metal, crust, thrash, doom, rock).
    Perhaps the answer is easy enough: hc-punk has many lovely, nasty faces, and the face that's showing for the time being is basically not the kind of hc-punk I want to listen to. IF that is the simple case, then I guess it fucking disappoints me greatly that the hc I pay most attention to seems to be a punk-show-anachronism.
    I'm talking about 90s (but also later) hc-anarchopunk; Aus-rotten, Anti-product, Detestation, ect. It seems to me that the wish for this kind of music to have a renaissance is merely a feeble-minded dream. I see a little bit of it here and there, but it's generally hidden away on some obscure youtube-profile with pixelized dust on it.

    Has time in all haste flown by, and taken - in my opinion - the real hc-punk with it?
    And will it ever come back? (not time, but the greatest hc-punk in the world!)

    If any of you like hc in the variations a detest a little bit, then don't take it personally - and if you detest the kind of hc I listen to, then feel free to share.
    - and bear with me while trying to write this first post in many years; I hope it's borderline intelligible.