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The Dicks - Kill From The Heart - 1983 (U$A)

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    01. Anti-Klan (Part One)
    02. Rich Daddy
    03. No Nazi's Friend
    03. Marilyn Buck
    04. Kill From the Heart
    05. Little Boys' Feet
    06. Pigs Run Wild
    07. Bourgeois Fascist Pig
    08. Purple Haze
    09. Anti-Klan (Part Two)
    10. Right Wing/White Ring
    11. Dicks Can't Swim


    Kill From The Heart
    Release Date : 1983

    Recorded at Earth & Sky Studios, Austin TX.Enigma Records cat# from sticker attached to the shrink on the backComes with lyric sheet insert

    The Dicks Biography

    The Dicks were a punk rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 1980. The original line-up included Gary Floyd (vocals), Glen Taylor (guitar), Buxf Parrot (bass), and Pat Deason (drums). The band was known for their confrontational stage presence (Floyd was an open homosexual who frequently appeared in drag on stage and had no qualms about getting in the face of close-minded audience members) and raucous music. In 1983, the band relocated to San Francisco, California. However, Taylor, Parrot, and Deason soon decided to return to Austin. Floyd carried on with the Dicks' name, recruiting new members Lynn Perko (drums), Sebastian Fuchs (bass) and Tim Carroll (guitar). This line-up released one LP before calling it quits in 1986. Floyd and Perko went on to form [a=Sister Double Happiness].

    In recent years, Floyd, Parrot, and Deason have reunited to perform reunion shows around Austin (Glen Taylor passed away in the mid 1990's), although there seems to be no plans for a full-time reunion.

    Band members: Gary Floyd, Buxf Parrot, Pat Deason, Dotty Farrell
    Band ex-members: , Glen Taylor (2), Sebastian Fuchs, Lynn Perko, Tim Carroll (2)

    The Dicks emerged during the halcyon days of Austin, Texas, USA punk. The scene centered around the local dive bar Raul's frequented by local freaks, artists, and soon-to-be punk rockers. The band was the creation of Gary Floyd, a 26 year old from Palestine, Texas who had been a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War and was openly, flamboyantly gay. Although he was advertising The Dicks before they were even an actual band, Floyd soon joined forces with three "terrorist thugs" to complete the group: guitarist Glen Taylor, bassist Buxf Parrot, and drummer Pat Deason. They started writing burly, blues-drenched punk anthems and began playing raucous, shows with local heroes the Big Boys. Unlike that band's funk-infused, high-production value drag show, the Dicks opted for a cruder but still spectacular approach.

    The band's first single, the masterful Dicks Hate the Police was dropped onto the world in 1980 on MDC's R Radical label. The title track to this EP is unlike anything else before or after - a total powerhouse of a song. The B-side found the band playing faster and harder than most other U.S. punk bands at the time. Like most of their Texas peers, The Dicks had a sound that didn't fit any one mold or genre. Sometimes punk, hardcore, blues, or free-form ranting, they were always playing music on the edge of insanity. Their next record is one of the ultimate documents of Texas punk - a split live LP with the Big Boys recorded at Raul's. While the Big Boys don't sound as great as their studio material, the Dicks really explode off the vinyl with a ripping live set that captures both the great songwriting and amazing energy they brought to the table.

    Having caught the attention of punk producer Spot, The Dicks recorded their first full length for SST. Kill from the Heart finds the Dicks' blues punk attacking conservatism and especially racism with unbridled fury. In 1982, before the album came out, Gary and The Dicks moved to San Francisco, followed by MDC and DRI who took up with them at a squatted beer plant known as the Vats. Along with their new neighbors Crucifix and Michigan's the Crucifucks, they embarked on the 1983 Rock Against Reagan tour: an exhausting 3 month extravaganza organized by the Yippies. The tour took a lot out of the band, and after its completion only Gary returned to the city by the bay. There he reformed the band with three new musicians: drummer Lynn Perko, guitarist Tim Carroll, and bassist Sebastian Fuchs.

    This line-up recorded the PEACE? EP, a concept single attacking the injustices of war. While the record is powerful, especially the scorching "I Hope you Get Drafted," it also demonstrated the cleaner, more rocking direction that the new band was taking. 1985's These People LP, released on Alternative Tentacles, showcased a Dicks who were severing ties with "punk" sounds to play more straightforward, longer bluesy rock songs. Nonplused by the reaction from punk audiences ("play faster!"), Gary decided to end the Dicks in 1986. He and Lynn Perko started Sister Double Happiness, who recorded for SST. Gary later went solo and has a new project called Black Kali Ma on A.T. Glen Taylor, unfortunately, passed away. Alternative Tentacles has reissued a collection CD of The Dicks material that is a good starting point, and bootlegs of the LP (good quality) and first 7" (bad quality) aren't too hard to come by. Go get them now.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - SST Records

    SST Records is a record label formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California by Greg Ginn. It was originally an electronics company called SST (Solid State Tuners) Electronics (one of the employees was Black Flag's bassist Chuck Dukowski); Ginn converted it to a record label so he could release Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown EP. The label was a prominent figure in the L.A. punk scene around 1980 and 1981, releasing more albums by Black Flag as well as Minutemen, Descendents, and Stains (3), and has since remained a major symbol of the city's underground culture. SST quickly branched out in its early years to release albums by bands outside of the southern California area, notably Soundgarden, Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, Bad Brains, and others.

    December 1992 saw the opening of the SST Superstore situated on the corner of Sunset And Larrabee in West Hollywood.

    In March 1996, the label moved its operations from the Sunset Strip to Long Beach.

    In 2007, the label relocated to Taylor, Texas.
    bLabel Code: LC 46616/b