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THE BABYMEN - For King Willy

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    Features members of The Cravats.

    01 The Legend Of The Baby Men
    02 For King Willy
    03 March Of The Baby Men
    04 Think Of Honour And Of Wealth


    For King Willy
    Release Date : 1986

    Conceived in 1982, but not committed to record until the summer of 1986. Mastered at The townhouse, pressed at MPO.

    THE BABYMEN Biography


    Band members: The Shend, Robin Raymond DallawayThe Babymen come from the DCL collective.

    These are four tracks by the legendary Babymen, originally concieved in 1982, but not committed to record until the summer of 1986. This gap would almost certainly have been longer, perhaps even indefinate, had it not been for the sterling efforts of 'Flux' and the 'One little indian' record label, in encouraging The Babymen to record, and for the assistance of The D.C.L. during the recording.
    The tracks were recorded during the week 6th-13th July 1986, on an eight track machine at Workshop Studios and were engineered by David Morris, whose patient effort was another important factor in the completion of this work.
    As for the tracks themselves, the title track 'For King Willy' is a rousing gothic chant and although medieval in spirit, features some moody, reverberating electric guitar, thudding drums and spirited harpsichord. It's companion track 'The Legend Of The Baby Men' opens quietly, but develops into a disturbing baroque rumble, a meshing together of harpsichord, trumpet fanfares and a heady crescendo of distorted 'whiplash' electric guitar, which was originally recorded on a telephone answering machine and then transferred to this recording. Together with a spoken account of the history of The Babymen, it produces an awesome effect. These two pieces account for side one of the disc.
    Side two opens in a lighter vein and finds The Babymen romping through 'March Of The Baby Men', a piece dominated by pounding harpsichord and bass guitar, which also features the clarinet of the legendary Svoor Naan. The mood becomes sombre for 'Think Of Honour And Of Wealth' - a haunting piece, conjouring images of moorland battlefields after the fray, with the wind howling and with ghostly voices cutting through the air.
    This then is the best of The Babymen so far, four excellent and exciting pieces of music.
    Will they ever record again? I hope so.
    Robert Winterman.

    Taken from the original slevenotes for 'For King Willy'

    The Legend Of The Baby Men
    For King Willy
    March Of The Baby Men
    Think Of Honour And Of Wealth

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - One Little Indian

    Formed in 1985 by Derek Birkett, along with ex-Flux Of Pink Indians guitarist Tim Kelly.

    One Little Indian's success was aided by The Shamen’s controversial number one single, Ebeneezer Goode. This was furthered by Björk’s solo album Debut which has, so far, sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

    On June 10th 2020, the label changed its name to l1850506 (from One Little Indian Records) in response to complaints that the original name was racially insensitive.

    LC 3275

    In 2003 One Little Indian opened an office in New York, forming One Little Indian US. American releases with an bOLI/b catalogue prefix should be submitted as a bOne Little Indian US/b record company release.

    For UK Company's field roles such as licensing, distribution or copyright holding buse One Little Indian Ltd./b