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Surreal Horror Art/Movies/Games?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anarchowithoutcapitalism, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Howdy for anyone interested,

    Besides my favorite genre Death Rock within anarcho-punk (ie. Horror Vacui et all) I also like horror related stuff in general in particular surreal horror.

    I have been playing the Silent Hill games (1-3) lately whch are good fun.

    Also really like the Junji Ito art like this story Glyceride:

    Though the Tomie series and the Souichi series I do not like much as Tomie and Sauchi are the main characters and can be total assholes to good people which I do not like. I personally prefer horror stories with main characters who are good people who become stronger in the end.

    The Cat With Hands is a good surreal film:

    though the rest of that particular artists films are too disturbing for me.

    I am also a sucker for late 70's and 80's horror like Phantasm, Evil Dead 2, and the Shinning:

    Any other horror fans out there who wish to share what they like or don't like or who have any good suggestions of horror related stuff??