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Stark Raving Mad - Amerika / Mx - 1988 (U$A)

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    Track List:

    Amerika LP

    01. Are You Sleeping
    02. Take A Stand
    03. Social Sickness
    04. Judge & Jury
    05. Piss On You
    06. Racist Pig
    07. The Price Ain't Right
    08. No Reason (New Version)
    09. S.O.S.
    10. Bloodclot
    11. Greedy, Greezy Bastard
    12. Politishit
    13. Set Them Free
    14. Fuck The Army (New Version)
    15. Ignorance's Day

    Mx LP

    16. Choice
    17. Chaos
    18. Problem
    19. Happy People
    20. Rapist
    21. Waking Up Is Hard To Do
    22. Capitalist C*nts
    23. Mr. Hardcore
    24. Machine Gun Youth
    25. Down And Out
    26. Oppression / Depression
    27. No Reason
    28. Fuck The Army
    29. Somebody's Watching
    30. Life Or Death
    31. Chaos (New Version)
    32. Mr. Hardcore (New Version)

    This is from the re-issue LP on Germany's Nuclear Blast Records, these albums were originally released in 1984 (Mx) and 1985 (Amerika) respectively


    Release Date : 1988

    This is the regular pressing on black vinyl, there is also a limited edition of 500 copies on white vinyl. Reissue of both the "Amerika" LP (tracks A1-A15) and the "MX" 12" (tracks B1-B15) with 2 bonus tracks (B16, B17)STARK RAVING MAD information: Slob Records [40 Rivington St. No. 8, New York, N.Y. 10002 USA]Recorded October 12, 1985 at Rampart Studio, Houston, Texas Made in West-GermanyT

    Stark Raving Mad Biography

    American hardcore / punk band from Houston, Texas.

    Band members: Colleen (2), Steven Hershon, Raidy Kilowatt, Sam Blanton, Jeff Tunches
    Band ex-members: , Bob Byte
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Nuclear Blast

    German independent label, specialised in metal and related music styles; founded in 1987 by a252876.
    Label Code: LC 7027 / LC 07027
    GVL-registered label name is iNuclear Blast Records/i.
    For all unofficial releases (bootlegs, counterfeits) that pretend to be releases of this label, use Nuclear Blast (2).

    bAbout NB and their different regional companies:/b

    bNuclear Blast Europe/b – Label, Mailorder, Wholesale, Fulfilment Service and Distribution for several labels spread over the whole European continent; located in Donzdorf, Germany.

    bNuclear Blast America/b – US Company with identical business tasks in cooperation with Century Media.

    bNuclear Blast South America/b – In cooperation with Century Media.

    A typical Nuclear Blast catalogue number has the following format: "NB XXXX-F".

    Note: Earlier releases might only have 3 digits.

    F determines the format. This is not always consistent, but here is a general idea of what you might find:
    b-0/b limited first edition (Digipak, O-Card, etc.) for both CD and DVD
    b-1/b LP or other vinyl format
    b-2/b jewelcase CD or promo CD, DVD, sometimes also used for the limited first edition
    b-3/b video tape (VHS), tape (MC)
    b-4/b tape (MC)
    b-5/b box sets, limited mailorder editions, bonus CDs and DVDs (in general: limited bonus editions)
    b-7/b some vinyl 7”s carry this as format
    b-8/b shape CDs (not all, however)
    b-9/b picture vinyl (not all, however, esp. when the release was only available as a picture vinyl or comes with a cover, you may find a b–1/b here)