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sputnik ludnik introduces

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by sputnik ludnik, May 21, 2012.

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    May 15, 2011
    'oi [email protected],

    so i take my time to introduce myself: chaotist&individual-anarchist from the very beginning, dropped out of school to join the free punk-university of mid-90's middle-of-nowhere (Graz/Gradec, Austria; town of 250 000) street-punk; politicized when we started to set up our own shows (and invite bands via Latti in Vienna; greetinx, dude!) through the usual channels: song-texts, zines; later books. then the internet was invinted... which made me drop that vinyl-fetish and brought me to see how much of that 2k-"underground"-punk-stuff is fetish, repeatative folklore and inbreeding. however, soli-gigs (fundraisers) are still political, plus the occasional band, with the (paper-age) infoshop-netwerk in addition. also, sometimes you just haveta celebrate your collective subjectivity/kewl ghetto!

    (next time i'm bored, i'll fill in my musical and political influences here)

    i'm a drummer since half of my life (without owning such means of sound-production for the most time), currently in trio (landplagen.at - demo for free download), and occasionally i play in samba/percussion-ensembles (e.g. those fellas that suck like the Duracell-Bunny on demonstrations), and sometimes with a bourgeoise Balkan/Jazz/Ska - Big-Band with collectivist tendencies in organization (masalabrass.org)

    i was the drummer of a grrl-punk-trio, too, but that tape is long lost... ("Schimmelpilze - Pearls for Swine", if anyone can come up with it... )

    at present, crust/[email protected] are quite frequent, with 30-70 folx showing up, same goes for gore/grind, but i can't be bothered for that. shows usually take place in the SuB (subsubsub.at), a collectively-run not-for-profit venue.

    i experienced punk-moments in austria, slovenia, croatia, czech rep., hungaria, bulgaria, spain, basque country, latvia, italy and israel. (in turkey, palestine and thailand i didn't come across any... )

    17hrs in prison so far.