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SORE THROAT - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid - 1990 (Royaume-Uni (York, Yorkshire)

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    1990 - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid

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    1. Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid
    2. Slam of Buttocks
    3. Brasso Drinkers (Hell Raisers)
    4. Let's Go Beach Start a Riot
    5. Sid Be Swindle
    6. Raise Ghost McClaren
    7. Fuck All but We
    8. Power of Nuclear Kill Brain
    9. Speechless Fucking Dumb
    10. Let's Go Pub Drink Beer
    11. Crazy Blood Whirlwind
    12. Mosh is Trash
    13. Head Spin (No Care)
    14. Don't Give XXX
    15. Holocaust Heavy
    16. System Sabotage Chaos
    17. O.L.D. D.I.E.
    18. Rolf Harris H.C.
    19. Let's Go Gas Board Punch Oficial
    20. Horrendify and Kill
    21. Stand no Stench
    22. Rotting Vegetation of Eden
    23. T.T.Y.B.
    24. Beneath Skin All the Same
    25. Dead Suffocation Life
    26. From Off-License to Obliteration
    27. Cyco Will Resolute
    28. Let's Go Buckingham Kill Queen
    29. Downfall Society
    30. No Infeccy (Of Jeccy)
    31. Anal Intelligence Apartheid
    32. Knees to Law (Down)
    33. Diseased Thinking Bring Doom
    34. Spleurk !
    35. Anarchy, Punk and Chaos
    36. Fallover not Crossover
    37. Vilont Bloody War Kill All
    38. Failure of Liver
    39. Do You Remember ?
    40. Fuck State Before End
    41. Wasting Head With Words
    42. Trash World
    43. Kamikaze System Hatred
    44. "77" Not "666"
    45. Let's Go Stock Market Disembowel Yuppie
    46. Courage of Peace
    47. People are Atomic Pollutants
    48. Drink Ale Belong to You
    49. Eric Pickles (Is Antichrist)
    50. Activate Us Anger
    51. Roar of Silence
    52. N.M.F.W.
    53. Eye of Beholder (See Not All)
    54. Sing a Song 'O' Sid
    55. No More Hurt of Life
    56. Poison Idea (No Handle Beer)
    57. Not Nice
    58. Pestilence of Decay
    59. Vomit On Rules Belong to Thm
    60. Leurf (For Scotty)
    61. King of Thrash Be Dead
    62. P.M.R.C. All Perverts
    63. Let's Go Crazy Lynch Dwarf
    64. Life Destruction End Fun
    65. Skinhead/Deadhead/Drop Dead
    66. Stench Mass Genocide
    67. Laughter Stop With Agress
    68. Peace Wish...
    69. Soy Noise Serenade
    70. C.Y.D.I.
    71. Capitalist Vomit
    72. Execution of Intelligence
    73. Filo-Fucked Fools
    74. Skate Edge Nazis
    75. Let's Go Brighton Bomb Torys
    76. Switch Off Reality
    77. Fear of Phobia
    78. Crush Nazi Face Well
    79. Aarrrgggghhhhhh
    80. Attitude Shit (Mosh Pit)
    81. Fucking Silent For Long
    82. System of Agony Creation
    83. Distortion of Reason
    84. At War With Cops Story
    85. Echo Pain Scream
    86. Let's Go Brum Trash Daz's Car
    87. Mary Whitehouse Raving Mad
    88. Alchoholocaust
    89. In Grapple There Is No Law
    90. Not Leaving Us Soon ?
    91. Different Sides... Of Same Coin
    92. Famine
    93. Pride
    94. Chapels of Ghouls
    95. Desire (Peniside)
    96. Truth
    97. The Enemy Within
    98. Prisoner
    99. Living Hell
    100. The Ballad of 'Mad' Mickey
    101. Hsarht Drawkcab


    Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid
    Release Date : 1990

    Recorded: Lion Studios, Leeds 17th - 21st October 1988 ___Released in standard jewel case including obi and 20-page booklet with lyrics in English and Japanese translations.Track titles on player display (CD-text):[1] ディファレント・サイズ... [2] オブ・ザ・セイム・コイン [3] 飢饉 [4] プライド [5] グールの礼拝堂 [6] 欲望 [7] 真実 [8] 内なる敵 [9]

    SORE THROAT Biography

    Sore Throat was a crust-punk/grind/noise/hardcore band out of Huddersfield and Birmingham, England, formed in 1987. They are known for being one of the earliest exponents of the grindcore subgenre known as "noisecore".

    Band members: Brian Talbot, Richard Walker (3), Paul Halmshaw, Fudz McRad, Gibby Vomit, John Pickering (5)
    Band ex-members: , Nick Royles

    There are at least two bands sharing the name Sore Throat:

    1. Sore Throat were a short lived yet important band in the later 80's UK grindcore and hardcore punk movement which featured members of Doom, Deviated Instinct and other crust punk bands.

    Sore Throat formed in 1987 in Yorkshire, UK as a crust punk, hardcore punk, and grindcore act with the initial line up as Rich Militia (vocals), Brian "Bri" Talbot (guitar), John Doom (bass) and Nick Royles (drums). They are known as one of the first bands to give rise to and play in the style of "noisecore". Though now largely forgotten, they were a key part of the hardcore/grindcore movement of the mid-late 1980s in the United Kingdom and were commonly known for their "we don't fucking care" attitude, harsh humour and mockery in their music about other contemporary bands and society. They were sometimes seen as a parody band and a drunk political punk band. They were also one of the first bands to heavily incorporate samples in their music.

    The band contained and promoted a very confrontational ideal. They went on to mock such things in the scene as Nazi’s, capitalism, the straight edge movement, and even openly taunted and mocked such bands as Napalm Death, The Sex Pistols, Suicidal Tendencies, and DRI. They often chose to point out what they believed was wrong with the current punk scene and would openly scorn those not to their ideals of what punk was.

    Inititally with the release of their debut "Death To Capitalist Hardcore" EP and "Unhindered By Talent" full length (both released in 1987), the band played a proto-grindcore and crustcore sound. The band played short songs, usually under 10 sconds or sometimes lasting up to no more than a minute.

    In 1988 they released their album "Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid." It was a cacophony of noise that contained over-the-top guitar distortion, blast beats, screams, grunts, and a myriad of sound samples. At the release of the record, Sore Throat can be seen as one of the earliest examples of a clear defined version of "noisegrind". Though the albums A side contained a large portion of then brutal music, their B side contained more doom inspired crust punk, a la Amebix.

    Their 1989 release, "Never Mind The Napalm... Here's Sore Throat", saw the band playing a more crust punk sound minus the grindcore elements. And upon future releases the band would often change their names with slight variations, including such things as “Soar Throat” and “Saw Throat”. The band broke up in 1990 due to internal conflicts amongst its members.

    The band members are now involved in other musical project. Rich Milita(Walker) played in doom metal bands Isen Torr and Solstice as well as current hardcore punk bands Warfear and Wartorn. He also runs the doom metal label Miskatonic Foundation. Brian Talbot played in Doom and numerous other hardcore acts and currently plays in doom metal band Lazarus Blackstar (once known as Khang.) John Doom is a Kerrang radio DJ and also plays in hardcore act Haxan.

    2. Sore Throat were a short lived British post-punk/new wave band that released several singles in 1978 and a full length album, "Sooner Than You Think" in 1980 on Hurricane Records before disbanding.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Toy's Factory

    Japanese label responsible for putting out electronic music in conjunction with Mo Wax, Idyllic and others. Also licenses releases of many metal labels such as Earache and Century Media.
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